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Anything to Say? · If you spend any time at all watching Web server logfiles (and trust me, there's nothing like it) you learn that the Web Sucks. By which I mean, there are a lot of computer programs out there creating negative pressure around any remotely-plausible source of anything at all remotely interesting, that they may ingest it and then have it ready to deliver to somone who might care ...
Browsers · c|net is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Web browser with a pretty good series of articles. What caught my eye was the discourse on browser market shares in this one, which is well worth reading. But their snapshot of the current state of reality is way out of line with what I'm seeing ...
Microsoft Wants Your Love · Today, Don Box of Microsoft appeals for love (well, at least polygamy), inviting us all to snuggle up with their .NET stuff and pointing out that it works with Open Source technology. Scoble takes a Redmond job and also wants to start dating. I have this problem with loving Microsoft, it's just that I fear them so much ...
Giving Back Timbuktu · Heh, a minor milestone; for the first time, I put something back into CDDB. Which makes me think that I should take a moment to plug the disk Talking Timbuktu, by Ali Farka Toure (from Mali) and Ry Cooder. CDDB is magic, so is the record, read all about it ...
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