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Anything to Say? · If you spend any time at all watch­ing Web serv­er log­files (and trust me, there's noth­ing like it) you learn that the Web Suck­s. By which I mean, there are a lot of com­put­er pro­grams out there cre­at­ing neg­a­tive pres­sure around any remotely-plausible source of any­thing at all re­mote­ly in­ter­est­ing, that they may in­gest it and then have it ready to de­liv­er to somone who might care ...
Browsers · c|net is cel­e­brat­ing the tenth an­niver­sary of the Web brows­er with a pret­ty good se­ries of ar­ti­cles. What caught my eye was the dis­course on brows­er mar­ket shares in this one, which is well worth read­ing. But their snap­shot of the cur­rent state of re­al­i­ty is way out of line with what I'm see­ing ...
Microsoft Wants Your Love · To­day, Don Box of Mi­crosoft ap­peals for love (well, at least polygamy), invit­ing us all to snug­gle up with their .NET stuff and point­ing out that it works with Open Source tech­nol­o­gy. Scoble takes a Red­mond job and al­so wants to start dat­ing. I have this prob­lem with lov­ing Mi­crosoft, it's just that I fear them so much ...
Giving Back Timbuktu · He­h, a mi­nor mile­stone; for the first time, I put some­thing back in­to CDDB. Which makes me think that I should take a mo­ment to plug the disk Talk­ing Tim­buk­tu, by Ali Far­ka Toure (from Mal­i) and Ry Cood­er. CDDB is mag­ic, so is the record, read all about it ...
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