Walking from one meeting to another through Yaletown, a nice part of Vancouver, the city kept throwing these weird rainsoaked scenes at me, or maybe it's just that I'm semilucid in the grip of a severe cold and suffering from a virally altered state of consciousness.

Tower and Lightstand

I don't think the building is actually suspended though. So, what is this crowding the rainy sidewalk? Refugees from the war? More dot-com meltdown?

Movie shoot

Nope, it's just a movie shoot in progress, Tinseltown in a soggy state - movies are a big business up here, although they're not always your first-rank big-money big-name-stars kind of movie.

Now, elevators have been known to make people nervous, what with claustrophobia and acrophobia and fear of galloping unidentified Asian contagions like that currently in progress, so I guess it stands to reason that the elevator repair truck would have a little shrine on-board.

Elevator service truck with saint

I have no explanation for the above.

Actually, this note is a fiendish plot to introduce three new unique words into the Google index. I already have one: “pseudobabyloniana”, check it out.

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March 20, 2003
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