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Hey BBC, Get a Clue! · In my opinion the single best online source for war news (in the last 24 hours anyhow) is the BBC's Reporters' Log, a blog-style thingie where all the reporters they have scattered around the arena post news snippets right then as they happen. You notice I haven't included a pointer to it because these morons have set it up so it gets a new URL every day! I bookmarked it, and was upset it wasn't updating, and noted that the last posting was 2345GMT, and what do you know ...
Towerhang Raintinsel Elevatorsaint · Walking from one meeting to another through Yaletown, a nice part of Vancouver, the city kept throwing these weird rainsoaked scenes at me, or maybe it's just that I'm semilucid in the grip of a severe cold and suffering from a virally altered state of consciousness ...
Traction · I spent the afternoon in a meeting of the advisory board of Make Technology, on which I serve. They do what they call “Standards Based Automation”; their product lets you write down most of your semantics and data model in a bunch of XML Schemas and XSLT and so on, then generate mountains of Java code to do all the plumbing for whatever your app server is - if you've got a big Java development project in the works you could do worse than call them. Anyhow, we were talking about how they've been doing in recent months and the CEO said “We're really getting traction with this stuff”. Boy, I've been hearing that word a lot recently ...
TV vs. the Web · I don't have a TV (ok, we do, but it only plays DVDs, it doesn't get any channels). I miss it every October during the World Series, and I miss it at times like now when hot news is breaking. Many fortunes have been lost betting on the notion of "convergence" and it was always silly; the Web doesn't need to be more like TV and TV doesn't need to be more like the Web ...
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