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dot-Emacs · A lot of really heavy geeks spend most of their day interacting with a single computer program named Emacs; it has a rich history going back to the seventies, although the current incarnation (written in large part by the well-known programmer/activist Richard Stallman) dates from the mid-eighties ...
Decades-old Web Authoring Technology · Today I wanted to cook up a new entry, and I realized that when I do this, I always end up poking through the ongoing directory tree to the slot for the current date, opening the file, switching to my homegrown XML editing mode, importing an empty template, and start by entering its category. This is wrong, because whenever a human being is doing a repetitive, boring, error-prone task, that's wrong ...
Nick Hornby on Riffs for the Aged · Nick Hornby wrote High Fidelity, an awfully good and amusing (and very male-viewpoint) novel from which they made a movie that I've not seen. The people in the book have lives centred around rock&roll, and Hornby was revealed as an erudite and thoughtful writer on the subject. Frank Zappa opined that rock critics were people who can't write writing for people who can't read about people who can't play, but he was wrong. Now Hornby has ventured out again ...
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