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The Crocuses are Up · The first crocuses are there, splashes of violet and yellow (the yellow within the violet) in the deep green glow of the moss, which is enjoying winter after our last terribly dry summer. I can't put a picture in because Fujifilm has had my digicam in for service for the last 6 weeks (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr) ...
Electrocardiogram Phonewhistling · The doctor came by my place to give me a physical in support of an insurance policy my company is taking out on me (I'm now probably worth more to them dead) ...
Where Next for RSS? · People who hang around with bloggers all know what RSS is (if you don't, I'll introduce it.) RSS is headed for some interesting times as regards client software, traffic management, and business model, and it would be reasonable to expect some breakage along the way ...
Slava ... and Keef · This evening I caught a performance by Mstslav Rostropovich ("Slava") with the Vancouver Symphony. Rostropovich is celebrating his 75th birthday with a big world tour. He is definitely one of the major living legends and it's a privilege to sit in a room and have him play music for you. I was reminded of nothing so much as going to a Stones concert a few years ago ...
Listening to Stax-Volt · Recently I've been listening quite a bit to The Complete Stax/Volt Singles (released in 1991 as Atlantic 7 82218-2), a 10-CD set from the the label that billed itself in the sixties as "Soulsville USA" and made a lot of money and a lot of good music. The music is wonderful but maybe just a bit too thin ...
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