Lauren and I and the two kids will be vacationing in Berlin between the 3rd and 9th of July, mostly to attend a wedding. Anyone want to get together for a (child-friendly) beer? [Update: Looks like there’s momentum for a small-scale geeks (& kids, remember) get-together, say early-evening Wed. July 4th. Change of plan due to Berlin folk having busy Wednesdays; we’ll do an afternoon and early dinner thing, with kids, on Sunday July 8th, starting at 3PM. Let’s let Tomster organize the details.] [Final sync-up: We’re meeting at Alois S at 3PM Sunday.]


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From: Vassilis Rizopoulos (Jun 28 2007, at 13:59)

I would love to make your acquaintance, unfortunately I will be in England during that time.

May I suggest though a (child-friendly) corner in Kreuzberg to enjoy the hopefully sunny weather (current conditions not being very encouraging :( )?,+Kreuzberg+10967+Berlin,+Berlin,+Berlin,+Deutschland&ie=UTF8&om=1&z=16&ll=52.494977,13.415004&spn=0.005748,0.021458&iwloc=addr

On that particular corner you will find Il Casolare, an italian restaurant that does excellent pizzas along with a couple of other delicious dishes.

Walk towards Diefenbachstrasse and you'll find a couple of cafe's and an ice cream cafe with a mini children's playground.

It's along the channel and mostly frequented by the locals.


From: Tom Lazar (Jun 28 2007, at 14:46)


I'm a German-American Plone and Zope developer and I'd be happy and honoured to buy you a beer at one of the many nice places here in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, where I live with my family. In fact, this part of town has (apparently) both the highest number of pubs per capita in Germany, as well as the highest number of children per square meter...

Anyway, if you anyone else is interested I'd gladly offer myself as a 'local coordinator', if you like (not quite sure how many fans you have here... but certainly my best buddy and XSLT aficinado Carsten would be interested in joining us... and I could take care of the 'administrativa' so all you'd have to do is show up and be thirsty ;-)

Personally, I'd probably like to use the opportunity to discuss some practical aspects of APP as I've been toying with the idea of adding some sort of generic APP support to Zope3 / Plone for quite some time but never managed to get that off the ground.

I'd recommend the Alois S, a tapas place with excellent Bavarian tap beer and an immediately adjacent playground (watch your toddler playing in the sandbox from the comfort of your seat ;-)

Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn't get this address right, but here's the closes approximation:ße+30,+Kreuzberg+10967+Berlin,+Berlin,+Berlin,+Deutschland&ie=UTF8&om=1&z=16&ll=52.494977,13.415004&spn=0.005748,0.021458&iwloc=addr

(it's directly on the corner of Stargarder and Senefelder)

Anyone else wanna come? Post here or shoot me an email at


From: Tom Lazar (Jun 28 2007, at 15:05)

Oops, turns out google maps doesn't update the URL in the addressbar as you navigate, so I accidentally pasted Vassilis' link from above...

Here's the one I meant:,+Berlin,+Deutschland&sll=52.544195,13.423598&sspn=0.010022,0.0156&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1


From: Patrick Wright (Jun 29 2007, at 00:47)

Hi Tim--I also live in Berlin, work mainly in Java--would love to meet up if Tim organizes something. The team I'm currently working on is just dipping their toes into Sun servers (they are growing steadily) and their code (web-oriented) covers a range of Java technologies up to and including Jini (of all things!). I can bring one or two of my colleagues along--they would love to, on the one hand, hear about where Sun is heading Java- and server-wise, and can regale you with interesting talk on all things Berlin and (kid-friendly) beer. Tim, you can reach me at pdoubleya at gmail. Cheers! Patrick


From: James Shepherd (Jun 30 2007, at 05:43)

Better bring a brolly, been rather wet around here lately, and the internet sez it's gonna stay that way :-(

assertTrue(kidsOfHackers != smallScaleGeeks && BerlinerKindl != childFriendlyBeer)


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