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Hard Problems · I spent quite a bit of today at the O’Reilly 2008 Concurrency Summit. It was a congenial crowd, but at the end of the day kind of a downer, because we have lots of hard concurrency problems and not too many solutions. Anyhow, two subjects that came up were REST (which is concurrent at the largest possible scale), and, unsurprisingly, Erlang. And it struck me that they’re kind of like each other ...
WF IV: The Cascade · This is the fourth progress report from the Wide Finder Project. Following on my earlier fumbling at the controls of the Erlang race-car, several others joined the conversation. For particularly smart input, check out the Erlang questions mailing list and the already-linked-to Steve Vinoski piece, Tim Bray and Erlang. Other voices have questioned the project’s sanity, and brought Scala and Haskell to bear on the problem. But let’s push all that on the stack, and ask ourselves this question: what if processes were free? Answering it turns out to be all sorts of fun; I seize the Erlang controls back again, and steer it with a firm steady hand into a brick wall at top speed ...
WF III: Lessons · This is the third progress report from the Wide Finder Project. Given that I launched this brouhaha late on a Friday, totally the worst possible time, I’m astounded at the intensity and quality of the conversation that’s going on. I want to address two themes that have emerged, one of which seems stupid and the other smart ...
WF II: Erlang Blues · This is the second progress report from the Wide Finder Project, and a follow-on from the first, Erlang Ho! The one thing that Erlang does right is so important that I’d like to get past its problems. So far I can’t ...
WF I: Erlang Ho! · This is the first progress report from the Wide Finder Project. Erlang is the obvious candidate for a Wide Finder implementation. It may be decades old but it’s the new hotness, it’s got a PragBook (@Amazon), I hear heavy breathing from serious software geeks whichever way I listen. So, let’s give it a whirl. [Warning: Long and detailed, but the conclusion comes first.] ...
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