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Mimestream · I’ve been doing my email using the Mimestream app for the last six weeks or so, and apparently I’m not going back to Gmail-in-the-browser; the choice wasn’t a slam-dunk but I seem to have made it. Mimestream is a Gmail client (specifically, not IMap generally) and a native MacOS app. Now (assuming you know what Gmail and MacOS apps are) you know exactly what to expect, and whether or not you might like it. I’m just here to fill in the corners ...
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Google vs. Gmail · We’ve had our Textuality.com domain since dinosaurs stalked the earth, and I’d like tbray@ to be my personal email handle right into the grave. But our current ISP/host is kind of lame and slow and has fourth-rate spam filters that get in the way. So Lauren suggested Google Apps for Email, and the buzz around it seems good. We’re about to pull the trigger, but it seems to be harder than it should be ...
Spam Storm · Is it just me, or is everyone getting a hundred or so emails per hour that are spambounces, i.e. spam with my email address on the “From:” line. I’m not sure I’ve seen a spamstorm quite as intense as this, ever. I actually looked inside one and sure enough, there’s a real Web page selling the usual pharmaceuticals. Can nobody just go and take these guys down and keep them down?
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