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IsItOnAWS Lessons · I did some recre­ation­al pro­gram­ming over Christ­mas and the blog I wrote about it is now guest­ing in Jeff Barr’s space for your amuse­men­t; try the soft­ware at IsItOnAWS.­com. What I didn’t do there was re­lay the lessons I picked up along the way; one or two are around AWS, but most fol­low from this be­ing my first non­triv­ial ex­pe­di­tion in­to the land of NodeJS. So (ac­knowl­edg­ing that on­ly 0.8% of my pro­fes­sion aren’t al­ready Nodester­s), here they are. Spoil­er: I don’t like Node very much ...
Two AWS Years · Wow, it was De­cem­ber 2014 when I climbed on board this train. I’m sit­ting in a pret­ty in­ter­est­ing place and feel I owe the world some re­portage ...
Network Storage · A cou­ple days ago in New Home Net­work I post­ed a re­quest for ad­vice on a home NAS box and net­work­ing hard­ware. Now I have the stor­age box, and boy was it ev­er easy and straight­for­ward and anxiety-relieving. If you haven’t done this al­ready, you might want to ...
Serverlessness · To­day Mi­crosoft an­nounced Azure Func­tions, join­ing Google Cloud Func­tions and (from 2014) AWS Lamb­da. This is fun stuff, and might be a big deal ...
Cloud Eventing · So, I helped build Ama­zon CloudWatch Events (blog, AWS con­sole), which just launched. Been a while since my last ex­tend­ed spell of be­ing an ac­tu­al soft­ware en­gi­neer. Ship­ping feels good ...
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One Amazon Year · De­cem­ber first made it a year here at Ama­zon Vancouver’s en­gi­neer­ing cas­tle in the sky. I’m work­ing with good peo­ple in a cool of­fice on in­ter­est­ing stuff. It’s at the white-hot cen­ter of server-side com­put­ing but sur­pris­ing­ly un­sur­pris­ing ...
re:Invent in Vegas · That was in­tense. AWS’s cus­tomers are great. But I wish I could like Ve­gas more ...
Amazonian · As of De­cem­ber I’m work­ing for Ama­zon. This will be dif­fer­ent from my last few gigs; in par­tic­u­lar, don’t ex­pect to read about it here ...
Slow REST · We’re work­ing on a fair­ly sub­stan­tial re­vi­sion of the Sun Cloud API, mo­ti­vat­ed by this prob­lem: In a REST­ful con­tex­t, how do you han­dle state-changing op­er­a­tions (POST, PUT, DELETE) which have sub­stan­tial and un­pre­dictable la­ten­cy? ...
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