Here are some recent Google searches that found ongoing:

1(mac os x terminal hack)
1+".emacs" +"column counter"
1.mac iphoto hack
115 things scarier than saddam
120 most beautiful things
1times naughties
1tokyo cool places
1Tokyo ground transit
2tokyo jr map
1tokyo leather jacket shop -ohu
1tokyo places
3tokyo porn
1"Tokyo Subway map" +JR
3tokyo transit
1tokyo transit map
1tokyo transit system
1tool font
1toronto weather 2003-03-05
1trackpad scrolling mac os x
1traffic sings test
1+travel +train +"baltimore to Washington"
1Trent Raznor Hurt
1+truth +difficult +hide
1turkish oppression of the kurds
1Tutorial on Binary search trees
1Tutorial on hashtable + hashing algorithm "C " language
1tv vs internet
1tv vs. internet
1 tv web cam baghdad
1ubl tags
1Udell XForms Jean Paoli
1"unicode +2003
2unicode font
1Unicode handling by browser
1Unicode racist
1unicode tool
1unicode utf-16 mysql
1unicode vs non-unicode
1Universal Republic
1universal republic of love
1unix hack
1unix hack sites
1Unix Hack]
1unix like keyboard shortcuts mac os x
1unix su auto password
1usenet porn
1utf-16le vs utf-16be
1vancouver airport photos
1vancouver all region dvd player
1vancouver hashish
1vancouver out of town bud
1vancouver reupholstery
1"Vancouver weather" "September"
1vancouver's famous places
1ve video Video feed from Baghdad
1verizon internet logs
1 versailles effect on middle east
1Versailles scary places
1Victorian writings on Ottoman Empire
1video feed baghdad
4video feed from baghdad
1Video feed from Iraq
1video feed iraq 2003 white paper XML Element
2Visualization companies
1visudo os x nopasswd
1vms descriptor example
1w3c and dollars
1W3C suck
1war cam baghdad -news
1war graffiti
2war in antarctica
1War in Iraq video feed
1war on iraq "will be a good thing"
1wartime and adam smith
1washington metro cellphone
1watch porn
1watch porn before you buy
1wchar_t and Macintosh
1web architecture
1web authoring technology
1web cam baghdad bbc
1web cameras Baghdad
1web site concept
1well meet again johnny cash
1what do me think about asian women
1what does DTE stand for
1what human is going to invent?
1what is a wife beater shirt
1what is policy draft
1what is the use of a book thought alice without pictures or conversation
1what is the use of a book without any pictures or conversations\
1what is web tag
1what language do they speak in Antarctica
1"what resolution 1441"
1when "apple music store" coming to canada
1when i was 18, i couldn't believe
1when was Herodotus born and when did he die
1where is the msnbc baghdad cam
1Where will you have to live to do Data Processing
1which window on top
1white stripes elephant "cd cover"
1white strips elephant
1who is edward tufte
1Who was to blame for The Great War
1why don't the turks let the kurds have independence?
1why is it called wife beater
1why kurds deserve to have own country
1why turkey doesn't want kurds to have independence
1why writing is hard
1"why xml" 2003
8why XML doesn't suck
1why xml is too hard
1"why xml" slashdot
1why xml sucks
1why xml sucks ongoing
5"WIFE Beater"
1wife beater muscle
2wife beater shirt
1wife beater tank top
1wife beaters shirt
1"wife-beater" shirt
1wife-beater variety
1wifi dfw
1win98 hack script
2"window on top"
1window ontop
1Window Resizing Mac OS X turn off
1windows alt keyboard menu for os x
1windshield cleaning gadgets
1wmd lies
1women faces
1women faces asian
1Women in fundoshi
1women sitting on faces
1Women wearing fundoshi
1women's faces
1word 2002 running slow
1wordML example
1wordml schema
1WordML xslt
1words written in gujarati
1work sucks TAG
1working out data-ink ratio
1working out too hard
1World Family CEO
1world life
1world odometer
4world places
1world press review rss
1world's most nasty pictures
1write well-formed XML C++
1write XML data structure in perl
1writing a specification document examples
1writing a technical specification
1writing an xml processor
1writing good specs
1writing specs
1"writing specs" web
1writing xml stream
1XML and binary data
1xml and problem and binary and data
1xml binary
2XML BInary Data
1xml binary data base64
1xml binary size
1"XML Can Represent Pretty Well Anything"
1xml complicated for programmers
4"xml doesn't suck"
1xml encoded binary base64
1XML Hard for Programmers
1XML historical background
1xml how to process multiple lines
1xml how too use
1XML is too complicated
1XML is too hard
4XML is too hard for programmers
1"xml is:
1XML key mappings
1xml ongoing
1xml ongoing blog
1xml parser ignore line breaks
1xml prediction 2003
1xml processor flash
2XML programing language
1+xml +programming
1XML Programming language
1xml programming too hard
1XML Slashdot Ongoing
1xml suck
3"xml sucks"
1xml sucks antarctica
1XML to C struct
1xml too hard
1xml too hard for programmers
1xml too hard for programmers bray
1xml too hard programmers
1xml unsatisfied
1xml virtues
1xml + war
1xslt word doc
1yankee baseball opening day 2003
1young pictures of karl marx
1YVR photos
1zürich needle park

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