As is traditional, a few photos of the year’s first purple-and-yellow garden citizens; portents of approaching spring that are much appreciated while the days are still short and wet and grey.

First crocuses, 2023
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First crocuses, 2023
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First crocuses, 2023

The first half of February is on the early side, but not as early as last year when we saw them in January.

I had a quarrel with our cat, who observed me lying down outside to get an angle on these guys and wanted, of course, to frolic in the foliage right where I was looking.

One picture is with my aging Pixel 4, the others with a “real” camera. Since my daughter has a Film project and has absconded with my favorite modern lenses, these are through an at-least-50-year-old Pentax 50mm F1.4; good for portraits of flowers and people both.

That failing Pixel is annoying me; its battery is hurting and USB-C socket becoming less reliable. I loathe that USB-C form factor more and more every passing year. Since nobody but Asus is making a good small Android and they’re not offering it in Canada, it looks like a Pixel 7 is in my future. I like things that still work fine fifty years later, but that’s not the world we live in.

That world is generally pretty fucked up what with climate and Covid and war and burgeoning fascism. One of these years has to turn out nice, right?

But anyhow, the flowers are coming up. Their slender stems punch effortlessly through last year’s dead leaves; I think there’s a lesson for us in that.


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From: Murray Barton (Feb 12 2023, at 00:24)

Nice photo's as always! On tech- I think it is past time that innovation started focusing on longevity not features.


From: Michael Loukides (Feb 12 2023, at 06:16)

Took my first crocus picture yesterday. With a Pixel 2 that's holding on, though I also think a Pixel 7 is in my future, sooner than I want it. I'll see if I can get it to Mastodon without too much pain.


From: Nik P (Feb 12 2023, at 14:44)

For the love of god, why can't they make a sturdy USB-C port that doesn't weaken with age.


From: Liam Quin (Feb 12 2023, at 18:26)

A small android makes me think of the film Silent Running; the actors inside the robots were people with dwarfism.

No Crocii here yet i think, forecast for -8°C tonight so a little cold yet.

If the lens doesn’t have fungal growth in it, 50-year-old glass should be just fine!


From: Koobee (Feb 13 2023, at 23:41)

No crocus blooms here in east van yet… shoots coming up still. Thanks for the advance joy notice 😊


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