I went out for a walk well into twilight time, put the camera in see-in-the-dark mode, fitted a fast friendly lens, and pointed it at pretty things.

Old East Vancouver house at twilight

This is in Eastern Vancouver (“East Van” everyone says), around where Riley Park becomes Mount Pleasant. A lot of the houses are old and, what with Vancouver’s real-estate craziness, probably doomed. Sadly, they won’t be missed very much I suspect.

Light display in an East Vancouver garden
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Light display in an East Vancouver garden

It’s awfully nice of people to put up lights simply for the enjoyment of light.

Modern cameras, what can I say. Just set the ISO at 12800, free the lens to find whatever aperture keeps the shutter less than 40 or so, and you effortlessly get all these moody shots that would have been simply impossible for any previous generation of photographers.

Streetlights and cherry blossoms in East Vancouver twilight

Those awful old sodium-yellow streetlights are too much with us. Modern lights have less-awful colors. The clash with the cherry blossoms may not be beautiful but is interesting.

Lights amid tulips in East Vancouver twilight

We always have tulips this time of year, but something about 2021 has driven East Van gardeners into tulip frenzy, perhaps as a relief from Covid-lockdown pain?

East Vancouver alley at twilight

Ah, that sodium shade. The alley looks kinda scary but was actually perfectly welcoming.


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From: Michael (Apr 29 2021, at 09:33)

I really like the sodium yellow. The golden colour contrasts well with the blue sky. And in black and white, everything takes on a film noir appearance.


From: ebenezer (Apr 29 2021, at 11:40)

Beautiful photos. Thank you.


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