They come early, purple and gold harbingers of spring. Traditionally I have celebrated them in this blog space. But that nearly didn’t happen this year, for reasons that are obvious in the picture.

2019 Crocuses

They’d just come up when we got snow, which then in mid-February kicked off an extended cold snap, many nights hitting -5°C or below, and the daytime highs rarely topping +5°. So those little guys are survivors. They’ve lived under snow, with more shoveled on top (they grow by the sidewalk), and they’re still here. I had to pick and choose my photos because lots are kinda beat-up looking.

The traditional season for Thanksgiving is fall; of having harvested and being ready for winter. I’ll be honest, my gratitude peaks right about now with the first flowers’ arrival. The meteorologists say the Arctic air mass is breaking up and pretty soon the garden’s color palette will expand.

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March 03, 2019
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