It’s a tradition that I blog a photo of our crocuses the first time each year that I’m home and they’re open and there’s some light. In the Pacific Northwest’s late winter, we use “some light” in a forgiving kind of way. The big-ass new 135mm F2 lens was quivering in the camera bag for a chance at these little guys, how could I say no?

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The lens works well, but when I say “works” I mean the photographer does a whole lot of work to get the focus happening. It took really a lot of shots to come away with three that were usefully sharp. Granted, you don’t have to shoot at F2 all the time, but isn’t that kind of the point?

I like walking around with the big Samyang, if only because if you consider the photo opportunities it works well with, and then those appropriate for the (also excellent) Pixel 2, well, those two sets just don’t intersect at all.

Also, spring is coming.


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From: Gavin B (Feb 04 2018, at 00:31)

Petals to pixels

Pixels to purples

Purples to peoples

Pixels our peep holes


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