Best of 2018 to you. But this isn’t a real blog post, it’s a placeholder to debug a subtle Unicode bug in my comment system that doesn’t appear on my staging environment. *sigh*

Aaaaand, that does it. The bug was introduced when I switched over to Ruby 2.x, approximately five years after I should have. Ruby 2 is known to have differences in UTF-8 handling. That turned out to be OK, the bug was in the fifteen-year-old Perl substrate. I have to say I’m a different kind of person than I was when I bashed out that Perl in 2002. And while I don’t want to diss Perl, I would never do anything like that again.

Oh well, pardon the interruption.


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From: Tim (Jan 01 2018, at 14:53)

Is this thing “on”?


From: Tim (Jan 01 2018, at 15:09)

“Ouch”, he said.


From: Tim (Jan 01 2018, at 15:21)

There used to be a bug with embedded URIs.


From: Tim (Jan 01 2018, at 15:24)

One more time:


From: Dave Pawson (Jan 02 2018, at 00:12)

Nice to know even Tim Bray makes mistakes. Equally, that he can debug it :-)

Happy new year Tim


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