I was in New York last week, and got to make a call on MLBAM, a re­al­ly smart cus­tomer of AWS, where I work. The first three let­ters in MLBAM mean base­bal­l, of which I’m a devo­tee; and al­so a hap­py five-year sub­scrib­ing cus­tomer of MLB.tv. So I was feel­ing sort of multi-level fan­nish. It was super-fun, and I got a cute pic­ture.

MLB’s in a nice cor­ner of SoHo and the of­fices are drop-dead cool, al­though I sus­pect the bobblehead-and-memorabilia den­si­ty might be a bit much for some.

Any­how, while you’re wait­ing in the lob­by you can ad­mire their fine se­lec­tion of tro­phies, a lot of them tech-geek stuff. But there’s at least one Em­my, and then have a close look at the one in the mid­dle.

Trophies at the MLB.com office

The lit­tle plaque says:
NYC Metro Sports
2008 Co-Ed Soft­ball
Divi­sion 3 Metro Cham­pi­ons

There were at least two of those NYC-city cham­pi­onship tro­phies, and I sus­pect that’s pret­ty elite amateur-ball ter­ri­to­ry. What I’d call walk­ing the talk.

A foot­note, by the way: I’ve had MLB as a cus­tomer be­fore, at Sun, pre-cloud. Some­time around the time they won that NYC tro­phy they took me out to an Oak­land game. I got to sit in the press-box and it stands out in my mem­o­ry be­cause the vis­it­ing team was Seat­tle, and al­so in that box were the cheery and de­ranged Ja­panese press gag­gle who fol­lowed Ichi­ro around to all his games, back then.

Any­how, if you like base­ball at al­l, I to­tal­ly rec­om­mend sub­scrib­ing to their ser­vice. It Just Work­s, and on just about ev­ery con­ceiv­able de­vice with a screen or a speak­er, with lots of pol­ish and at­ten­tion to de­tail.

It makes me hap­py that they’re us­ing soft­ware that I helped write, and it’s a sig­nal of their so­phis­ti­ca­tion that they’re well in­to adopt­ing stuff I was still cod­ing late last year.

They’re gen­er­al­ly just damn smart in the way they use the cloud, to the ex­tent that they’re now do­ing In­ter­net for a grow­ing list of oth­er sport­s.

In par­tic­u­lar, I got a brief­ing on the ma­chin­ery they’ve put to­geth­er to get all that Stat­cast raw da­ta out of the parks and in­to the In­ter­net. It in­clud­ed a cou­ple of jaw-droppers, and there might be a chance to pitch in with some stuff we’re just cod­ing up right now.

Any­how, thanks to ’em for host­ing us, and I wish we’d sched­uled an­oth­er hour or two.


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From: Tim (but not THE Tim) (May 01 2017, at 21:51)

MLB also gets kudos from me for using the iCalendar standard (RFC 5545) for team schedules _and_ for updating said files with the scores from completed games, in the SUBJECT: component so you don't always have to open the item to see the score. You can find the URL for a "downloadable" (their term) calendar for each team, subscribe to it in your calendar tool of choice, and keep up with your favorite team.


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