What hap­pened was, I went down to the dock in the dark, and took pic­tures that no phone-cam should ev­er be asked to take. You might be amused.

I was with my ten-year-old daugh­ter; The sky was black but the moon was ful­l, its shad­ows knife-edged, first moon­shad­ows she’d ev­er seen. Its light, edg­ing round the slope of our is­land, looked cool, on­ly I didn’t have a “real” cam­er­a, just my Google Pix­el. Hm­m, I sense a chal­lenge.

Here’s the unim­proved all-the-defaults ver­sion, which has a bit of prim­i­tive po­et­ry per­hap­s.

Moon over Keats Island

So for the first time I got se­ri­ous with the man­u­al con­trols on the Light­room cam­era ap­p; cranked the ISO up and the shut­ter speed down, held the phone against one of the dock pil­ings, and growled at the girl to stop bounc­ing.

Then I went in­side and brought the heavy photo-edits.

Moon over Keats Island - improved

Up in the top left, in the sky? Those are stars! And if you en­large it, an­gled stri­a­tions in the black on the right side? Moon­beam­s!

It’s not ac­tu­al­ly, you know, a Good Pic­ture. But ex­plor­ing bound­aries is fun, and they’re a lit­tle fur­ther out than I’d have thought.

Be­fore I went up I shot the path of moon-reflections on the ocean. Which was, rel­a­tive­ly, easy.

Moon reflection

I asked Lau­ren “Isn’t there a word for the path of the moon (or sun) in the water?” She poked around and came up with “moonglade” which has how­ev­er been tak­en over by World of War­craft. Some­one once asked a German-speaker, who an­swered Mond­strahlble­ich­fol­gen­im­mer­wan­dere­rufer, but they may have been im­pro­vis­ing.

I keep say­ing: Gold­en age of Pho­tog­ra­phy, we’re in it.


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From: John Cowan (Nov 12 2016, at 23:14)

Me, I like the unimproved version best.


From: EricH (Nov 13 2016, at 11:08)

I think you've owned both the Nexus 5X and the Pixel -- does the Pixels' compass work notably better than the 5x's? I have the 5x and the compass is a cruel joke -- usually off by 45º or more, often off as much as 180º.

I'd be grateful if you responded at eric.hanchrow@gmail.com



From: Preston L. Bannister (Nov 13 2016, at 16:59)

Damn. Might have to buy a Pixel.

This is not random. The last camera I bought (pocket-sized, but priced in the SLR range) was for low-light performance. When out hiking at twilight, prior digital cameras failed badly.

When a phone-camera can do well in twilight (and even in night), that leaves a lot less space for single-function cameras.


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