Reg­u­lar read­ers will know that I have a thing about low-light pho­tog­ra­phy. My new photo-toy is the Nexus 5X and I’ve the urge to push it fur­ther in­to the dark than it re­al­ly wants to go.

Southbound approach to the Cambie Bridge

Yes, the wide-angle is bend­ing the build­ing a bit; but it’s get­ting help from the ar­chi­tec­t. #Bike2WorkPix. 1/35sec at ISO 725.

I re­mem­ber, all those years ago, when the orig­i­nal Nikon D3 came out, the first dig­i­tal cam­era that could see just as well as you in the dark. They more or less all can, these days.

East False Creek

That’s a lit­tle cor­ner of the mighty Paci­fic.
#Bike2WorkPix, 1/19 sec at ISO 1318.

So, while I still like the shades and tex­tures of dusk and win­ter, there’s less chal­lenge to it, with a re­al cam­er­a.

West Georgia Street

Van­cou­ver down­town, no HDR! 1/25sec, ISO 452.

Ah, but the Nexus; it can’t go even as far as ISO1600 and it’s not among the se­lect few hand­sets with op­ti­cal im­age sta­bi­liza­tion. The lens is said to be F2, which isn’t ter­ri­ble. So it’s about striv­ing for a steady hand or, bet­ter, find­ing some­thing to brace against or, best, good luck

Community Heating

It’s both a com­mu­ni­ty ther­mal project and an art piece. #Bike2WorkPix 1/25sec at ISO 970.

But at the end of the day  —  which is when low-light pix hap­pen  —  it’s re­al­ly most­ly about find­ing things that de­serve point­ing the phone at.

Night train flip phone

The long slow night train from Seat­tle to Van­cou­ver; this dude had an old-school flip-phone but it sup­port­ed an ac­tive so­cial life, via SMS I imag­ine. I love this pic­ture. 1/25sec, ISO 1058.


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From: Gowri (Feb 10 2016, at 22:42)

What camera app do you use for the manual controls?


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