This year’s Cottage Life chapter is over. Not the best, either; what with my new gig and all we visited less, and the kids would as soon be in the city. Still, it’s a rare privilege.

I could show you more mountains or birds or trees and trees and trees. Instead, let’s settle for three fading hydrangea blossoms.

Fading hydrangea blossom
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Fading hydrangea blossom
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Fading hydrangea blossom

All on the same plant on the same afternoon. This guy puts on a pretty nice show from spring through to fall and its pretty parts age then die with grace. I admire that.

With any luck we’ll be back lots.


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From: Doug K (Nov 05 2015, at 12:54)

That is the problem, once the kids have lives of their own.. not usually that keen on fleeing the city for peace and quiet. We have a yurt on a peach farm (cf link from my name above) and we hardly get out there anymore..


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