Week ending Sunday 2014/11/23

Monday 09:27 · Want to communicate with really strong privacy? Here’s how I’d do it; reasonably straightforward, and free: https://t.co/xaY0laL79u [Original.]

Monday 11:28 · Interesting risk-analysis approach by Taleb et al, compares nuclear power & GMO crops. arxiv.org/abs/1410.5787 [Original.]

Monday 15:34 · @mathewi See also: Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect. Particularly observed in *nonspecialist* media people. [Original, responding to @mathewi.]

Monday 16:07 · @cdibona Isengard-gate, maybe… [Original, responding to @cdibona.]

Monday 21:06 · So then, Uber is really all about ethics in game journalism? [Original.]

Monday 21:10 · @anildash One thing is, native apps offer a better developer experience. That matters a lot. [Original, responding to @anildash.]

Monday 23:31 · Forest X. [Original.]

Monday 23:33 · @romainguy D’où? [Original, responding to @romainguy.]

Tuesday 08:17 · Wow, Whatsapp is wiring in TextSecure. Half a billion people are getting better privacy. This is very good. www.wired.com/2014/11/whatsapp-encrypted-messaging/ [Original.]

Tuesday 08:20 · FWIW, I’ve been using TextSecure for months as my everyday SMS; absolutely zero issues. [Original.]

Tuesday 08:27 · Inside story from Whisper Systems on the WhatsApp integration: https://t.co/ShebIvfUCg [Original.]

Tuesday 08:57 · @troy_s I think Open Whisper Systems is a completely different operation. [Original, responding to @troy_s.]

Tuesday 10:40 · Lots of security news today! EFF/Moz/Cisco/Akamai/etc launch a new free (presumably high-quality) CA: https://t.co/UKGHASfdyW [Original.]

Tuesday 11:10 · The BRCK looks like a cool product: www.brck.com Designed & prototyped in Kenya! [Original.]

Tuesday 11:55 · What @gruber says in daringfireball.net/2014/11/native_apps_are_part_of_the_web is correct, but native apps have gatekeepers, browser apps don’t. Call me old-fashioned, but… [Original.]

Tuesday 11:56 · … that really bothers me. It doesn’t trump all the other issues, but it’s a big deal. [Original.]

Tuesday 13:55 · @hfiguiere They sort of do. All the apps I know of talk HTTP to their back ends, & address data with URIs. [Original, responding to @hfiguiere.]

Tuesday 14:15 · @gruber Yeah, most app state/logic is on the server side anyhow, it’s just the GUI we’re arguing about. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Tuesday 14:16 · @gruber But my loathing of gatekeepers is extreme. Even for app front-ends. Possibly I’m unreasonable on this subject. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Tuesday 14:30 · @bmann Things I can buy in multiple places: Jeans, Cars, Food, Furniture, Art. In only one: Phone apps. Doesn’t feel like a mall. [Original, responding to @bmann.]

Tuesday 14:35 · @bmann No problem with the existence of malls, filled with Muzak and “freshened” air. As long as there are still fruit stands. [Original, responding to @bmann.]

Tuesday 14:36 · RT @conradhackett: A person with a 1 hour commute has to earn 40% more to be as satisfied with life as someone who walks to the office htt… [Original.]

Tuesday 14:42 · @brixen Here’s an example of a JSON API exhibiting antipatterns: https://t.co/UEIBrSIhad If jsonapi can minimize this sort of thing, yay! [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Tuesday 14:47 · . @therealfitz Hey, this means you can score me a hard-to-get-reso on my next Chicago visit, right? [Congrats, this looks cool] [Original, responding to @therealfitz.]

Tuesday 14:53 · @steveklabnik Top-level is an array and you have to spelunk through 3 objects & 2 arrays to get to the payload. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Tuesday 15:00 · This is the most Canadian news story ever published (along multiple dimensions): www.cbc.ca/news/business/telus-complains-to-crtc-over-nhl-content-use-by-rogers-1.2839153?cmp=rss [Original.]

Tuesday 20:27 · @therealfitz I’ll look for an excuse. [Original, responding to @therealfitz.]

Wednesday 07:59 · Ingress' 2nd birthday; some impressive numbers: https://t.co/1up8kVFCPG [They still don’t say how many active players.] [Original.]

Wednesday 08:17 · @salvadordiaz Dunno; I’ve played in Vancouver/UK/Japan/Florida/California/Denmark and not seen them. [Original, responding to @salvadordiaz.]

Wednesday 08:47 · @pkedrosky The Ingress community, which is totally reliant on outboard chargers, tends to like Anker, things like www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CEZBKTO/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00CEZBKTO&linkCode=as2&tag=ongoing-20&linkId=T4IRAPKR5XOYOU6D [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Wednesday 15:05 · @Shawhelp Hey, my 50M cable Internet is horrible, heavy packet loss and slow pings pings. Known problem? [Original, responding to @Shawhelp.]

Wednesday 15:06 · @Shawhelp This is in central Vancouver near Main and 20th [Original, responding to @Shawhelp.]

Wednesday 15:43 · Speedtest says 10.06Mbps down, 3.37 up. Way slower than usual. Trouble comes & goes, plain to see in terminal-window ping. [Original.]

Wednesday 16:25 · @zellyn Well, if it talks HTTP *and* addresses data with URIs, it’s two-thirds of the way there. [Original, responding to @zellyn.]

Thursday 08:35 · A rambling, overly-long programming-diary about integrating crypto/privacy software: https://t.co/xTQAHtEi3u [Original.]

Thursday 08:36 · Screencast: Can I trust this key? https://t.co/KwFANPdYTX [Original.]

Thursday 10:27 · I searched Google for “Humane git” and there’s basically nothing. Well, except for the Harry Potter fanfic. [Original.]

Thursday 10:30 · Fujifilm is really good at rewarding their customers: www.dpreview.com/articles/6769417344/fujifilm-announces-macro-tubes-x-t1-firmware-availability-and-x-series-firmware-updates [Original.]

Thursday 11:41 · @cyngus Whatcha doing? [Original, responding to @cyngus.]

Thursday 11:53 · RT @adrahon: If you are using Android, @TextSecure makes a better default SMS app even if you are not considering encrypted message yet. [Original.]

Thursday 17:42 · Made a Wikipedia entry for the East Van Cross. Feeling vaguely subversive. https://t.co/LkBGU5cXHX [Original.]

Thursday 22:35 · Just went and saw #CitizenFour. Quiet, slow, cool to be in the room watching what happened as it happened. [Original.]

Thursday 22:36 · @iisrob Wish more camera companies had a similar attitude. [Original, responding to @iisrob.]

Thursday 23:10 · I love some of the spam I get. For example, advertising the next concert by www.darchoralsociety.org/ [Original.]

Thursday 23:36 · “Not every Web site offers valid HTML, just as not every Catholic eschews pre-marital sex.” www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/group-rules-web [Original.]

Thursday 23:50 · @lisarein Eek, that sounds kind of pedantic and hostile; sorry. Mind you, breakfast can be a Dark Time. [Original, responding to @lisarein.]

Friday 09:31 · Sam Ruby reports from the standards snakepit: intertwingly.net/blog/2014/11/20/WHATWG-W3C-Collaboration [Original.]

Friday 19:41 · @anildash Old farts like me can reel off lots. Bowie. Young. Mitchell. Clapton. Sustained talent is the rule not the exception… [Original, responding to @anildash.]

Friday 20:55 · @anildash OTOH jazz is different. Once you get past Miles, it’s hard to think of anyone who didn’t just settle into a groove & stay there. [Original, responding to @anildash.]

Friday 20:55 · @therealfitz Isn’t starting a new job supposed to help with that? [Original, responding to @therealfitz.]

Friday 21:01 · Totally not looking at any Hunger Games reviews till I go Sunday. Cool when there’s a culture thing that you have to see, good or bad. [Original.]

Saturday 11:46 · My 8-year-old daughter: “On paper, there’s a problem: there’s no Undo button.” [Original.]

Saturday 13:36 · Big @VancouverSun piece on Uber weirdly left out 2 crucial facts: 1. Taxi incumbents are sweatshops. 2. Uber is contemptible. [Original.]

Sunday 11:02 · It’s almost as though Facebook thinks people don’t want to engage with brands: blogs.forrester.com/nate_elliott/14-11-17-facebook_has_finally_killed_organic_reach_what_should_marketers_do_next [Hard to believe I know] [Original.]

Sunday 20:01 · Mockingjay 1 is OK by me. [Original.]

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