Week ending Sunday 2014/11/16

Monday 11:05 · From the weekend; Rudy and Go and Java: https://t.co/KKWE9HUMyG [Original.]

Monday 11:59 · Just discovered @SlackHQ is using WebSockets. *sighs* [Original.]

Monday 13:41 · 1/7 Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve always disliked WebSockets for architectural reasons… [Original.]

Monday 13:42 · 2/7 One of the reasons the Web’s so insanely scalable is all the little short conversations… [Original.]

Monday 13:42 · 3/7 …which make poor use of the underlying TCP fabric, but (mostly) avoid apps having to deal with long-lived connection fragility. [Original.]

Monday 13:42 · 4/7 Lots of people know how to scale out for $BigNum HTTP requests per $TimeUnit, but… [Original.]

Monday 13:42 · 5/7 … I think scaling out to maintain $BigNum long-lived connections is different and weird and hard, and… [Original.]

Monday 13:43 · 6/7 … I found out about @SlackHQ when it apologetically asked me to restart my browser because of WebSocket problems, but… [Original.]

Monday 13:43 · 7/7 … maybe I’m wrong, and this will turn out to be a good choice for them. Also relevant: https://t.co/mkpTtuKQOX [Original.]

Tuesday 07:39 · @grawity Yep. [Original, responding to @grawity.]

Tuesday 16:41 · @ChiefScientist Haven’t worked on it since 2008-sh. [Original, responding to @ChiefScientist.]

Tuesday 17:09 · @ChiefScientist Fortunately someone snagged the data, it’s out there somewhere. But it wouldn’t be hard to replicate. [Original, responding to @ChiefScientist.]

Tuesday 21:11 · @ChiefScientist https://t.co/kP3fXJbnUB [Original, responding to @ChiefScientist.]

Tuesday 22:53 · These pix of the comet they’re going to try to land on pretty soon now are AMAZING: www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/11/12/science/space/rosetta-philae-comet-landing.html?_r=0 [Original.]

Wednesday 00:19 · XKCD’s on the comet watch, of course: xkcd.com/1446/ [Original.]

Wednesday 10:04 · Had to drive around a bit. Weirdly it seems that radio, unlike Twitter, is not full of @Philae2014/67P news. [Original.]

Thursday 09:41 · @gruber Moto X is a super nice phone but dunno when it’ll get L. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Thursday 11:57 · @GlennF The payments industry is very powerful and really doesn't want to be disrupted. [Original, responding to @GlennF.]

Thursday 12:08 · Banking and truth: nihoncassandra.blogspot.ca/2014/11/the-truth-hurts.html [Original.]

Thursday 14:58 · NYTimes challenges the world: HTTPS in 2015! open.blogs.nytimes.com/category/projects/ #https2015 [Original.]

Thursday 19:04 · How I’m voting in the Vancouver election: https://t.co/rNrLRf0qOo #vanpoli Any other bloggers doing this? [Original.]

Thursday 20:09 · @gruber I have an N5, wife’s got a Moto X. X mostly nicer except for the camera. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Thursday 23:02 · @gruber Think so. Haven’t deep-dived but N5 cam is good enough that I gave my Mom my Sony RX100. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Thursday 23:22 · @BWJones @gruber So was the RX100 II. But modern mobiles are so good, I’m fine with the FujiX and the phone. No more P&S required. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Thursday 23:27 · @BWJones The RX100 II took great pix but I hated it: https://t.co/RQbsM3zdRL [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Thursday 23:27 · Also consider https://t.co/H3y0fK0Byo [Original.]

Thursday 23:29 · @BWJones @gruber Well, that’s a good argument. But I’m probably not going back to a P&S. The X-T1 with the 35mm is my muse these days. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Friday 10:38 · @kaler Do you read Meggs’ blog? He seems very tuned-in & level-headed. [Original, responding to @kaler.]

Friday 10:39 · Tomorrow’s election day in Vancouver. Here’s how I’m voting: https://t.co/S9zHva8Uik [Original.]

Friday 22:28 · RT @PDChina: Ice sculptors from northeast China's Harbin created Bikini Bottom in SpongeBob cartoon with 900 tons of ice in Texas. t… [Original.]

Friday 22:56 · WARNING: Lauren’s wifi-only Nexus 7 just bricked by Lollipop. Maybe sniff around for other cases before you accept the update. [Original.]

Friday 22:57 · @camcavers Not janky, BRICKED. Device won’t turn on. [Original, responding to @camcavers.]

Friday 23:22 · Dunno bout the story, but how often do you see a picture of a Pope and Patti Smith? www.rollingstone.com/music/news/patti-smith-to-play-vatican-christmas-concert-20141114 [Original.]

Friday 23:28 · One of these flowers is not like the others. [Original.]

Saturday 00:24 · CORRECTION: Managed to unbrick Nexus 7 post-Lollipop by various multi-button-hold-downs. A bit mystified, but OK. [Original.]

Saturday 00:34 · You can love the colors but still hate Autumn, because it means Winter. [Original.]

Saturday 00:46 · @BR3NDA *sobs* [Original, responding to @BR3NDA.]

Saturday 10:45 · FIFA about to explode? www.haaretz.com/news/world/1.626588?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter There’d be few tears at that funeral. [Original.]

Saturday 10:54 · Three pretty pictures of an old wooden dock: https://t.co/XQ4s7fXgkV [Original.]

Saturday 12:14 · Voting lineup pretty substantial at Simon Fraser school in Mt Pleasant. Maybe 15 minutes... #vanpoli [Original.]

Saturday 13:57 · Internet Architecture Board: Encrypt everything! https://t.co/A43aLVqflw [Original.]

Saturday 19:26 · So, Global is the only TV network with live #yvrelxn results at 8? Somewhere on the Internet, then? [Original.]

Saturday 20:04 · @cmall On Global’s “BC1” news chan, it’s live now [Original, responding to @cmall.]

Saturday 21:12 · @colbycosh Those of us who live in Vancouver proper suspect some of those places are actually hoaxes which exist for tax purposes. [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Saturday 22:04 · Turns out @csmithstraight is a good election-night color commentator; someone should pick him up for the Federal shindig next year. [Original.]

Saturday 22:11 · Tl;dr: Gregor. Council 1 Green: Carr. 3 NPA: Affleck/Ball/De Genova. 6 Vision: Jang/Deal/Louie/Reimer/Stevenson/Meggs. /cot… [Original.]

Saturday 22:13 · Tl;dr: Parks: 4 NPA 2 Vision 1 Green. Schools: 5 Vision 3 NPA 1 Green. [Original.]

Saturday 22:17 · Extrapolating, looks like about 160K votes cast. Anyone know how many were eligible? [Original.]

Saturday 22:22 · So that’d be ~38% turnout. [Original.]

Sunday 10:21 · . @paulehoffman I miscalculated, it ended up at 44% which is actually very good of a *municipal* election. [Original, responding to @paulehoffman.]

Sunday 10:46 · J.J Goldberg’s reporting on Israel is unequaled. The SNAFU sequence before & after last summer’s Gaza war: blogs.forward.com/jj-goldberg/209317/idf-shin-bet-in-tv-brawl-did-hamas-want-a-war/ [Original.]

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