Week ending Sunday 2014/11/09

Monday 00:27 · 106 Israeli Ex-Generals, Spy Chiefs Urge New Peace Bid: blogs.forward.com/jj-goldberg/208359/-idf-ex-generals-spy-chiefs-urge-new-peace-bid/#ixzz3HzZkB13q [Original.]

Monday 12:16 · Full text of letter from Israeli generals/inteilligence people to the government, calling for peace: blogs.forward.com/jj-goldberg/208408/idf-generals-letter-embrace-saudi-plan/ [Original.]

Tuesday 07:50 · @samhogy Seemed to me that he was arguing that they should have access to everything all the time. [Original, responding to @samhogy.]

Tuesday 08:25 · @sfj They’re all good these days! But if I were getting a Fuji I’d get X-T1 not X-Pro1. Canon more pocketable. Fuji lets you have lens fun. [Original, responding to @sfj.]

Tuesday 08:41 · Wow, a how-to speech on Big Evil, presented to Big Oil. www.nytimes.com/2014/10/31/us/politics/pr-executives-western-energy-alliance-speech-taped.html?smid=tw-share&_r=1 [Original.]

Tuesday 09:09 · @fabulavancouver Hey, I’m not seeing any #VanElxn polls… am I just looking in the wrong place? [Original, responding to @fabulavancouver.]

Tuesday 09:17 · The only Vancouver election poll I’ve seen: www.justasonmi.comhttp/www.justasonmi.com/?p=4085 /via @gregeh #VanElxn [Original.]

Tuesday 20:17 · The Guardian could lessen the “dark traffic” prob by using https like they should anyhow: www.businessinsider.com/the-guardians-dark-social-traffic-problem-2014-10 [Original.]

Tuesday 21:47 · @doriantaylor Right, so if the Guardian runs all-https then they’ll see the referers. Or am I missing something? [Original, responding to @doriantaylor.]

Wednesday 00:28 · FTW. For example “(those two subwoofers put the ".2" in “2.2”)”. Today’s Meh: https://t.co/ZdqscPVUgT [Original.]

Wednesday 09:33 · I just ran across www.cybercivilrights.org/ and their campaign www.endrevengeporn.orghttp/www.endrevengeporn.org/ - interesting stuff. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:53 · @middaparka Thanks but no iDevices here [Original, responding to @middaparka.]

Wednesday 23:10 · I make a point of keeping an up-to-date Tor browser on my computer. Sorta wish I had somewhere to visit that needed to be secret… [Original.]

Wednesday 23:10 · RT @conradhackett: Income gains going to top 1% in 1954-7: 5% 1975-9: 25% 2009-12: 95% www.nytimes.com/2014/09/27/upshot/the-benefits-of-economic-expansions-are-increasingly-going-to-the-richest-americans.html?rref=upshot&_r=0&abt=0002&abg=1 [Original.]

Wednesday 23:11 · @brianleroux In my case, it’s the resonant reinforcement from the large empty space in my head. [Original, responding to @brianleroux.]

Wednesday 23:36 · Not sure about the voice-over but those are some astonishing video sequences: https://t.co/ZRbbT1qkom [BC tourism promo.] [Original.]

Thursday 13:39 · #ingress Outside in a rainstorm, wet but walking [Original.]

Thursday 13:41 · @therumbler well maybe not RIGHT NOW [Original, responding to @therumbler.]

Thursday 21:34 · Global prosperity rankings top 5: Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark, Canada: www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2014/nov/03/european-countries-dominate-in-global-prosperity-rankings [Original.]

Thursday 21:40 · Global Prosperity rankings, the bigs: USA 10, Germany 14, Japan 19, Brazil 49, China 54, Russia 69, India 102 www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2014/nov/03/european-countries-dominate-in-global-prosperity-rankings [Original.]

Saturday 11:02 · Sitting drinking Saturday-morning coffee, figured out how to remove a static initializer from a Java class. Yay me. [Original.]

Saturday 13:55 · The instant Kathy Sierra’s serious pony account expired, somebody grabbed it for abusive purposes. It’s about ethics in game journalism. [Original.]

Saturday 14:08 · Hey, a reason to visit Brussels in midwinter: Perl 6 will launch. https://t.co/rNgjR8cC8I [Original.]

Saturday 18:48 · Reassuring to see at the sushi joint, I guess. [Original.]

Saturday 18:52 · ♫ …set the controls for the heart of the sun… ♫ [Original.]

Saturday 19:05 · @meyerweb It actually works even without drugs. [Original, responding to @meyerweb.]

Saturday 19:59 · @maxtaco Dude, I’m old: https://t.co/80Rg19sxPx [Original, responding to @maxtaco.]

Sunday 10:25 · Hell hath no fury like an 8-year-old asked to pick up the scrambled eggs she spilled on the floor. [Original.]

Sunday 11:38 · nomore.org/ will not magick away the toxicities in pro-sports culture but it feels like a solid maybe-helpful project. [Original.]

Sunday 11:51 · Interesting; Tor fails to stop Euro police: https://t.co/JGaMFgMx1H [Original.]

Sunday 12:42 · Gotta say, this is a pretty good football game Miami & Detroit are playing here. [Original.]

Sunday 14:20 · RT @bmann: Vancouver tech community & the civic election blog.bmannconsulting.com/vancouver-tech-civic-election #vanelxn #vanpoli [Original.]

Sunday 18:48 · Rust and Go and Java: https://t.co/ZfsAZzKEhQ [Original.]

Sunday 20:26 · What do you do if your cat is growing dreadlocks on his butt? Asking for a friend. [Original.]

Sunday 20:27 · Java poetry: Prover prover = Prover.findProverFor(proof); [Original.]

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