Our record-setting summer at one level was sobering (although I was cheered by the Climate Change March stories)  but now kiss it goodbye. The sun came out and as it got low I went stalking flowers.

This is a rose of some sort I think.

Rose close-up

The bee I think represents the first insect ever presented here. I have a visceral horror of arthropods and always glance away from other people’s bug macros. But this guy was so soft and benevolent-looking I managed to put it aside.

Yellow daisy-like flower close-up, with bee

A hydrangea; it was a pure uniform baby-blue in midsummer. Confession: I used the Fujifilm “Velvia” treatment to make it prettier.

Autumn hydrangea close-up

Ah, depth-of-field is your friend but also your enemy.

Red-gold flower close-up

These are with the old Pentax 100mm F2.8 strapped on the Fujifilm; fun!

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