On the forest-walks part of Cottage Life, a problem is that the kids chatter and squabble. So I tell them, “Shut up and listen to what the trees are saying.” They think it’s just Dad being silly, but I keep insisting that if they listen for that, they’ll learn things. And I’m right, they will.

Trees on Keats Island

I think I may hang that one on a wall somewhere.

Anyhow, trees may not actually be talking to you, but it’s obvious at a glance that they’re talking to each other.

Tree conversation on Keats Island

The kids sometimes get clever and ask me what the trees are saying; I tell them honestly “I won’t say, because I’m trying to teach you how to listen.” And sometimes they do, a little bit; I hope the habit sticks.

Moss and leaf on Keats Island

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September 11, 2014
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