I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I’ve been enjoying a Twitter stream called Every Hex Color; every ten minutes or so it posts a 24-bit random number which expresses a red/green/blue color value.

Color DD2543

I’ve long been fascinated by the mapping between the numeric RGB space and what our eye/mind system constructs on consciousness’ stage. Longtime readers may remember a small exploration I did called RGB Planes.

Of course, the math and science behind color are horribly, sickeningly complex, and I don’t pretend to deep understanding. For those who do, properly appreciating this feed probably requires a conscious effort to ignore all that stuff.

Color E7944F

Also, from time to time I still (mostly by accident) work on graphics that people will see, and it’s nice to have some unsuspected colors in your back pocket. Unfortunately, a high proportion of random RGB values fall into the “boring near-black” and “sort of teal” baskets. But still, I see some gems.

On the right are a couple of my faves in recent days, DD2543, an interestingly-impure red, and E7944F, a lovely cheerful gold.

I suspect this is a niche interest.


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From: Mag (Jul 08 2014, at 16:20)

I suspect that your appreciation for a given colour as displayed on that feed is subconsciously affected by its combination with the colour of text used for showing the hex code across its middle. Even consciously, some combinations look better than others.

And that ain't gold, it's beige. Or something.


From: Bob Monsour (Jul 08 2014, at 16:56)

I suppose these things happen for a reason, but I happen to be in the phase of developing a web app and just asked my contract designer to develop a color palette for the logo he just completed (in B&W). As a result, I've been recently fascinated by the emotional impact of color. And while everyone doesn't have the same reactions to similar colors, there seem to be "experts" to attempt to make sense of this and apply it to web/app design. Good or bad, I'm now following this everyhexcolor thingy on Twitter. Thanks a lot, Tim.


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