I mean at the Richmond Night Market. Richmond is a suburb of Vancouver noted for flatness, Chinese-ness, and the airport. I gather night markets are a big deal in the great Asian cities, so why not Richmond?

It’s in big parking lot in an empty corner near the airport, traversed by the Canada-Line elevated tracks.

The Canada Line crossing the Richmond Night Market parking lot

There are lots of retail establishments, mostly selling cheap-n-cheerful junk; the main attraction was the food: Cheap and cheerful, yes, but not junk at all.

Food options at the Richmond Night market

The people who cook and sell it, they work hard.

Food vendors working hard at the Richmond Night Market

I had some chicken and beef barbecue sticks, Lauren had squid-in-a-cup with loads of garlic, the little girl had cinnamon mini-bagels and a mango smoothie. We wanted to get “Rotatoes”, fried potatoes that have been wrapped round a stick in a spiral, but the line-up was just intractable.

Everything we ate was good. We got there not long after then 7PM opening time and the crowd quickly grew dense.

Crowd among the food stalls at the Richmond Night Market

Every time I saw the lady in the strawberry outfit she was smiling and I had to smile too.

The lady in the strawberry outfit

There she is in the crowd, in among the Rotato-lover throng.

One of the food alleys at the Richmond Night Market

Let’s just aim the camera up a little bit.

Airport over the Richmond Night Market

I’m glad we went once; will we go back? I don’t know, they need three times the space for the number of people that go. The food is good, the prices cheap, but the line-ups are brutal. Maybe toward closing time when the crowds have died down?


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From: Eric Promislow (May 23 2014, at 12:24)

I way prefer the older night market, between No. 5 and the Knight St. bridge. Fewer people, and if you're looking for those fried potato slices, iphone cases, or Korean contact lenses, it has you covered.

I like to get there by bike over the new Canada Line bridge, and then ride along the dike. The only downside is you have to share the last long block with the cars, and it can get dark once the sun sets.


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