I have a new camera and it’s spring. Which is to say, if you dislike botanical photos you should avert your eyes from this blog for the next little while. The (many) photogeeks among you can consider this sequence as in part a meditation on early-2014 issues in photography and inevitably, I suppose, an extended review of the Fujifilm X-T1.

Pink and Blue

This one is remarkable in having had exactly zero postprocessing; I confess to routine fairly-heavy photomanipulation, in part just because I enjoy doing it. But these are the bits that came out of the camera, except for I cropped away some superfluous grass and sidewalk.

Let’s assume that the Fujifilm “X-Trans” 16MP sensor is typical of good modern implementations: What strikes me, compared a few years ago, is how good they are at soaking up intense colors without any visible overloading or skewing. Historically, I could pull off this kind of shot, but I’d almost always have found myself fooling with the white-balance and saturation sliders to get it “looking right”. These days, that’s the flower’s job.

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May 03, 2014
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