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New Mac Setup · In prepa­ra­tion for leav­ing Google, I want­ed a new com­put­er in time to make sure I could get all the non-Google stuff (pic­tures, blog­ging soft­ware, mu­sic) moved off my Googlemac. I got a maxed-out MacBook Pro 15" (16G RAM, 1T SSD) thus dump­ing an es­ti­mat­ed $1,000 prof­it in­to Apple’s cash hoard. What did I get for it and how did I set it up? ...
Punishing Peter Jackson · On a re­cent 10½-hour flight I watched The Deso­la­tion of Smaug. Now we have to work out how to pun­ish Peter Jack­son for this trav­es­ty ...
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