I offer further research on the hypothesis that a decent modern phonecam (in this case a Nexus 5) means you don’t need a good pocket cam any more. In particular, how about “street” photography? Where by “street” I mean under the street not on it and color not B&W. Street is said to require discretion, responsiveness, and subtle tonal variations. Here’s the evidence.

Two women on Barcelona subway
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Two women on Barcelona subway
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Two women on Barcelona subway

Worth enlarging, if only for the hands.

A few things need saying: First, they weren’t together; the younger was traveling with a young man sporting a guitar and flowing curls. And although she’s smiling once, she wasn’t a happy woman, clearly troubled; mind you, it was early and cold.

Also, I mentioned color as opposed to black-and-white. And actually the color’s a little on the garish side — but that’s the way it really looked, and I like the electric-blue background. Anyhow, these look OK both ways, see?

Two women on Barcelona subway in black and white

And I didn’t even break out the Silver Efex or anything.

These pictures fail to falsify the hypothesis.

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February 27, 2014
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