In the previous outings in this series, I’ve been torturing the poor little camera in my Nexus 5 with extreme low light, and I suppose it deserves better.

If you want light, point the camera at a light — in this case, the shade of the Ikea-style floor lamp in my office. Wow, lots of detail. This makes a heck of an Android wallpaper.


I was at a dojo watching the judokas work out and wondered how the little guy would do with fast-moving bodies in basic interior light. I didn’t actually catch any hot action, but I loved the ceiling.

Randori at a dojo

Anyhow, let’s do some real sunshine. I was walking on a dike by the water in a burb and thought this bridge looked cool.

Bridge in Richmond, B.C.

Pretty well the way it came out of the camera; cropped a bit.

Later, when I was editing pictures, I realized I’d taken much the same shot with the Sony RX100 II. Which I use less and less these days because of its klunky ergonomics, and also because N5.

I thought it’d be fun to compare them. Of course, the Sony has a zoom and I’d zoomed maybe a third of the way across the bridge. So I had to crop down the N5 shot quite a lot to match the compositions. With the result that the Sony version starts at 20.9MP, the N5 at 1.5. So when you click, the enlarged version of this particular N5 image is 1:1 with what came off the sensor. So, the comparison is totally unfair.

Bridge rendered by Sony
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Bridge rendered by Nexus 5, heavily cropped

What do you think?

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