I visited my brother in Toronto and we went out to drink & talk & eat on a cold evening; I didn’t take an actual camera-as-such, but that didn’t keep good pictures from arriving in front of me, so I snapped away with the Nexus 5. Thus, another test of the hypothesis that a mobilecam can replace a “serious” pocketcam.

A challenging one too, since it was dark out and I keep the flash turned off. And the pictures are better than not having any; pleasant enough and a reminder of good time. On the one hand really not close to what the Sony or the Fuji could have captured; but on the other, I didn’t have those with me.

Ahhh... Toronto’s streetcars.

Toronto streetcar

The Winter-Is-Coming wall of condos along the Gardiner; it stretches over the horizon, further west than I wanted to go. I suspect that they’re not terrible places to live.

Toronto condo towers by the lake

Should I be astonished that this little goober can get anything at ISO 2667, or disappointed at the coarse-grained grunge?

And this; good geometry, but the capture is marginal at best.

Toronto condo tower

If we abandon cameras for networked-lenses, as Craig Mod suggests, what are we giving up? This year, maybe too much. Next year, who knows?

Also, I confess that these have been quite significantly touched up in Lightroom; quite likely, the files out of the Fuji X-E1 would have been a whole lot prettier without any work.

Also, while Toronto’s scale and and human intensity charmed me, I visited two Upper Canada drinking establishments that claimed to specialize in fine beers; I’d like to express, on behalf of the West Coast, my disappointment verging on disdain. I must go back and try harder to find the good Eastern-timezone beers that I suppose someone must be making.


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From: Scott Loveless (Jan 17 2014, at 23:39)

As a well-traveled mid-westerner now living in the mid-Atlantic, I am of the opinion that good eastern time zone beers are a myth perpetrated by easterners who have never been anywhere else.


From: Tkil (Jan 18 2014, at 01:23)

Dunno about Eastern Canadia beers, but some outstanding east-coast USAian beers:

Dogfish Head -- http://www.dogfish.com/

Ommegang -- http://www.ommegang.com/

And although I haven't been there in a long while, I recall that Stoudt's was pretty good: http://www.stoudtsbeer.com/brewery.html


From: RJ Quip (Jan 18 2014, at 06:42)

Might I suggest that you visit Harbord House (Harbord W of Spadina, N side; Harbord stop on the Spadina streetcar)?

Beer selection changes fairly frequently, mostly beers from E Canada, and the staff are quite knowledgeable about their beer offerings.

I've never left disappointed.



From: Lars Marius Garshol (Jan 18 2014, at 12:24)

Quebec has excellent east coast Canadian beers. Lots of good breweries like Unibroue, McAuslan/Griffon/StAmbroise, Bieropholie, Dieu du Ciel, Charlevoix, etc etc. I would go there instead of Toronto, if good beer is the goal. Montréal seems to be the hotspot.


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