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DevBeat · I nor­mal­ly don’t post here any more about events I’m speak­ing at, but DevBeat looks un­usu­al. I mean, fol­low that link and look at the list of en­ter­tain­er­s, which in­cludes RMS, Al3x, DHH, Ras­mus, and Mo­jom­bo. Who have in com­mon, near as I can tel­l, ex­act­ly noth­ing. It’s a Ven­tureBeat thing so I guess it’ll be crawl­ing with VCs and peo­ple look­ing for mon­ey; I’ll try to mod­er­ate my gen­er­al neg­a­tiv­i­ty about the cur­rent state of VC. But I have to say, it’s one of the few events where I look at the ros­ter and think “That should be interesting.”
Things About the X-E1 · Seven months ago I got an X-E1, a prod­uct of Fu­ji­film, who an­nounced the X-E2 to­day; an oc­ca­sion for go­ing a lit­tle deep­er on my time with the cam­er­a. With a dozen pic­tures ...
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