Week ending Sunday 2013/06/23

Monday 10:48 · @dturkenk Hm, yeah, I should post them. [Original, responding to @dturkenk.]

Monday 10:59 · Defending Ed Snowden: www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2013/06/edward-snowden [Original.]

Tuesday 20:08 · 9:30 tomorrow morning, join me for live event: “Get out of the password trap” [Original.]

Tuesday 20:19 · Oops… correct link for tomorrow morning’s “Get Out of the Password Trap” event: [Original.]

Tuesday 20:19 · @fallenprogrammr thanks [Original, responding to @fallenprogrammr.]

Tuesday 22:17 · @pkedrosky I use 1password but have had poor success in selling it to civilians [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Wednesday 08:46 · On the air in 45: Escape the password trap! [Original.]

Wednesday 09:22 · Hm, that developers link for our preso seems hung. The direct YouTube link is: www.youtube.com/user/GoogleDevelopers?v=ZmAmKGYB4F8 [Original.]

Wednesday 10:10 · @benadida See, I did! [Original, responding to @benadida.]

Wednesday 11:26 · 15 intense minutes on why you should get out of the password biz even though it’s hard, and where to start: [Original.]

Wednesday 11:42 · @timburks Problem with personal IDPs is that lots of RPs seem to want to whitelist. But I approve in principle. [Original, responding to @timburks.]

Wednesday 11:45 · @timburks I would be *super* interested in proposals on how such a network could work. [Original, responding to @timburks.]

Wednesday 12:07 · @IBBoard AccountChooser is protocol-independent, works fine with Persona or even <ick> SAML. [Original, responding to @IBBoard.]

Wednesday 12:13 · @IBBoard AccountChooser has an excellent privacy story. It’s all local HTML5 storage, nothing crosses wire till you launch IDP flow. [Original, responding to @IBBoard.]

Wednesday 16:25 · @al3x You want more?!?! [Original, responding to @al3x.]

Wednesday 22:10 · Life with a featurephone (sort of): [Original.]

Thursday 08:12 · @jasonmp85 @bstreiff Yeah, they have special treatments to make us stupid. [Original, responding to @jasonmp85.]

Friday 07:02 · @BVatant Not that I know of. [Original, responding to @BVatant.]

Friday 11:13 · @BVatant Nope. I’d say there was no real need there to be addressed. [Original, responding to @BVatant.]

Friday 14:25 · If you’re in Vancouver, thefrenchtable.cahttp/thefrenchtable.ca/ is serving - just for a few days - sea asparagus, as a side. Tasty! [Original.]

Saturday 14:54 · Took 5 kids go-karting, 14th-birthday party. Pure fun. Raw aggression. [Original.]

Saturday 15:05 · RT @sesamestreet: James Gandolfini's heartwarming appearance on our show is beloved by everyone here. We wanted to share it with you. http:… [Original.]

Saturday 17:45 · Why doesn’t a Roku have a Web browser, anyhow? It’d be super useful. [Original.]

Saturday 17:49 · 3 interesting camera reviews of wildly-different new devices: [Original.]

Saturday 20:21 · @kkrishnanand @pamelafox The IETF hasn't made it official yet, but people are using it anyhow. [Original, responding to @kkrishnanand.]

Sunday 10:47 · RT @mehnazt: The man knows clever even with no sleep: Mayor Nenshi: Stay the $*&!! off the river! #yycflood // via @… [Original.]

Sunday 10:50 · RT @robotwisdom: unicode-art gallery https://t.co/ojDurRlm0V [Original.]

Sunday 10:50 · I have to say, the Blue Jays sure are fun to watch these days. [Original.]

Sunday 11:00 · I read news with Reeder on Mac & Feedly on Android. In theory I should be OK July 1, right? [Original.]

Sunday 11:01 · @thisisaaronland Montreal has great food… been to Vancouver recently? [Original, responding to @thisisaaronland.]

Sunday 11:32 · Hard not be amused watching the US commentariat convulsing in incestuous angsty mosh-pit over #Snowden. [Original.]

Sunday 12:52 · @asapperstein Yeah, that one wasn't a classic. [Original, responding to @asapperstein.]

Sunday 12:54 · Hey @fivethirtyeight - what are the odds on a way-sub-.500 team having an 11-game win streak? #bluejays [Original.]

Sunday 13:32 · That's reassuring I guess. [Original.]

Sunday 14:04 · @nelson couldn't agree more. I *want* to pay someone to wrangle & sync my feeds. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Sunday 14:39 · Guess I have to switch off @readerapp and to Feedly browser, now that I’ve switched off G Reader on Android. [Original.]

Sunday 14:40 · Hmm, Feedly in the browser isn’t terrible at all. [Original.]

Sunday 14:42 · @sm_rose It’s better than the Google Reader app I've been using. I find it quite pleasant. [Original, responding to @sm_rose.]

Sunday 17:00 · RT @kevinmitnick: Now everyone needs to use solid crypto to communicate as the rule rather than the exception. [Original.]

Sunday 17:00 · @Richard_Kadrey Satisfying work though, I find. [Original, responding to @Richard_Kadrey.]

Sunday 19:09 · For Sunday drama, start reading @SelfAwareROOMBA here: [Original.]

Sunday 22:59 · Hah; Floridan on trial for armed robbery wants NSA phone records for his defense. First of many I’m sure: www.sun-sentinel.com/news/local/crime/fl-phone-records-fisa-broward-20130612,0,5434900.story [Original.]

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