Week ending Sunday 2013/05/26

Monday 00:52 · @charlesarthur It’s a great phrase. I’ll totally use it when an appropriate target manifests. [Original, responding to @charlesarthur.]

Monday 08:20 · @joshbloch I can and do claim that would be incorrect. But I don’t know anyone actually doing any statistical measures of quality. [Original, responding to @joshbloch.]

Monday 11:54 · @nelson Share findings pls? [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Monday 13:41 · @pragdave www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/09/17/Hotels [Original, responding to @pragdave.]

Monday 15:01 · @jack where does he think sub-Saharan Africa’s gonna be in 10 years? [Original, responding to @jack.]

Monday 15:55 · For the first time in years, I have the urge to upload photos to Flickr. [Original.]

Monday 17:19 · Wow, there are now a *lot* of good places to post photos online. Still prefer my own space for things that matter; [Original.]

Monday 17:26 · @bmann Yep. [Original, responding to @bmann.]

Monday 18:03 · Mid-level scandal in Ottawa spiraling entertainingly out of control. - www.nationalpost.com/m/wp/full-comment/blog.html?b=fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/05/20/andrew-coyne-wrights-resignation-not-the-governments-moral-reclamation-its-the-next-act-in-the-tragedy #cdnpoli [Original.]

Monday 18:29 · @antonmc Spiral has reached up to the PMO. If it stayed in the Senate, it’d be in a teapot. Now it’s for real. $90K personal cheque?!?! [Original, responding to @antonmc.]

Tuesday 07:27 · @senagbe See [Original, responding to @senagbe.]

Tuesday 07:43 · @migueldeicaza We own that one, after last week. [Original, responding to @migueldeicaza.]

Tuesday 08:12 · RT @daeaves: RT @stphnmaher: Until the government releases the Duffy-Perrin-Wright agreement, everything the PMO says about this mess is em… [Original.]

Tuesday 10:17 · @steveklabnik Persona is interesting & I’d like it to progress… but that piece’s assertions about OAuth/OpenID are largely wrong. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Tuesday 10:24 · @steveklabnik Yeah, neither OpenID nor OID2 got traction. But OID Connect looks promising. & ID Tokens are cool: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2013/04/04/ID-Tokens [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Tuesday 10:25 · @steveklabnik Failure of OID made me sad, because I thought identifying people with URLs was sensible. Few agreed :( [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Tuesday 10:27 · @steveklabnik My general take on OAuth, might be useful: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2013/01/23/OAuth [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Tuesday 10:28 · @steveklabnik Persona needs to get a native-mobile-app story. But then, that’s a pain point for all the auth protocols I know about. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Tuesday 10:47 · @jcoglan @steveklabnik Never did OAuth 1 myself, but I sure heard a lot of whining and bitching from people who did. Disagree on OAuth 2. [Original, responding to @horse_rb.]

Tuesday 11:24 · My Galaxy Nexus died the death. For the first time in many years, I'm shopping for a handset. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:28 · @infil00p Gotta have good GPS. Also, been carrying Samsungs for too long. [Original, responding to @infil00p.]

Tuesday 11:34 · I think what I want is an HTC One dev edition. For now, getting along on just my N7 with mobile data. [Original.]

Tuesday 12:22 · Hey there, Sushi Tuesday; let me hang a name on you! [Original.]

Tuesday 14:05 · RT @nelson: can't wait for the industry to get its shit together & end password logins... Please, obsolete @LastPass! [1passwd in my case] [Original.]

Tuesday 14:30 · @callahad @steveklabnik More interested in Eran's new thing, said to be mobile-friendly. [Original, responding to @callahad.]

Tuesday 15:18 · @benadida How would that work for mobile apps? [Original, responding to @benadida.]

Tuesday 15:25 · My first ever attempt at in-flight internet. 600ms ping time, 27% packet loss. Uh huh. [Original.]

Tuesday 15:35 · @benadida Right. [Original, responding to @benadida.]

Tuesday 16:09 · @cquinn @nelson @RUAmentalist Yep, I think Fido people are doing good work. MFA behind a protocol so it’s swappable. [Original, responding to @cquinn.]

Tuesday 22:08 · RT @rklau: What if we've been pronouncing Google wrong all these years? [Original.]

Wednesday 07:28 · Woah, Dave Thomas wrote a book on Elixir! pragprog.com/book/elixir/programming-elixir Gonna have to check that out. [Original.]

Wednesday 07:42 · Looks interesting: Out of the Blue by Jan Wong: www.laurenwood.org/anyway/2013/05/out-of-the-blue/ [Original.]

Wednesday 07:43 · RT @infraredflower: It's not giraffical interchange format! [Original.]

Wednesday 08:06 · First 2 up at #gluecon said “web services” unironically. Netflix guy now recording his own talk with Glass. Not in Kansas any more. [Original.]

Wednesday 08:16 · Hadn’t realized Netflix was still making such heavy use of AWS. #gluecon [Original.]

Wednesday 08:16 · TIL (Sandvine report): Netflix bandwidth slightly more than 2* YouTube. [Original.]

Wednesday 08:20 · Netflix guy: People with private clouds don’t get the payoff from the Amazon/Google cloud price war. #gluecon [Original.]

Wednesday 08:20 · Netflix guy: We use ~20K AWS instances #gluecon [Original.]

Wednesday 08:25 · Load-balancing voodoo at NetFlix. Multiple DNS providers, Cassandra replication. Wow. #gluecon [Original.]

Wednesday 09:34 · @weeunquietmind has his Identity slides on slideshare, where the ad is for John Deere tractor dealers. Hmmm #gluecon [Original, responding to @weeUnquietMind.]

Wednesday 10:02 · Still 99% certain this is just a scam. But before I read this, it was 99.9%. www.forbes.com/sites/markgibbs/2013/05/20/finally-independent-testing-of-rossis-e-cat-cold-fusion-device-maybe-the-world-will-change-after-all/ (Cold fusion) [Original.]

Wednesday 12:12 · RT @lindybrandon: sigh. women, where are you? I'm in a room at #gluecon that holds 80 people and I can count 6 women. Six. In 2013. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:33 · Listening To single-page-app preso at #gluecon, thinking of Twitter dropping hashbangs as canonical war story here. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:36 · @chrismatthieu addressability is still an issue [Original, responding to @chrismatthieu.]

Wednesday 12:50 · Congrats to Twitter for bringing in 2-factor sign-in. [Original.]

Wednesday 16:58 · Questions about Glass: [Original.]

Wednesday 21:35 · @akuzi I'm a huge Onion fan. Thanks. [Original, responding to @akuzi.]

Wednesday 22:32 · @brianlmoon ?!? I have never thought regex was a good way to parse XML [Original, responding to @brianlmoon.]

Thursday 08:33 · @georgevhulme TLS. [Original, responding to @georgevhulme.]

Thursday 21:52 · Been over that bridge lots of times; anyone who drives between Vancouver & Seattle uses it. #SkagitBridge [Original.]

Thursday 22:12 · I’ve had the Nirvana version of “The Man Who Sold the World” stuck in my head for *days*. www.youtube.com/watch?v=fregObNcHC8 [Original.]

Thursday 22:16 · Canadian politics is boring. Everybody knows that, right? #cdnpoIi [Original.]

Thursday 22:18 · @sogrady @vambenepe Having said that, we were talking at Gluecon today about how a REST API for cloud pricing could be real useful. [Original, responding to @sogrady.]

Thursday 22:22 · @vambenepe @sogrady Hard to imagine getting providers to agree on a useful taxonomy. [Original, responding to @vambenepe.]

Thursday 23:23 · Ooh, Japanese space opera: www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_8Tf9vRXkU [Original.]

Thursday 23:52 · @bdunbar The slides are mostly graphics (won’t help much), and they don’t record at Glue. Sorry. [Original, responding to @bdunbar.]

Friday 07:57 · What an OAuth2 access token is like: [Original.]

Friday 09:47 · @gvanrossum Yes. E.g. [Original, responding to @gvanrossum.]

Friday 12:31 · Google maps already seems to know about the #SkagitBridge breakage: [Original.]

Friday 14:07 · @qnoid @JohnFontana Well, OAuth2 is pretty new and OIDC isn't even totally standardized yet. [Original, responding to @qnoid.]

Friday 15:28 · Just reserved hotel for #oscon. Confirmation page invited me to tweet/+/FB/etc. Are they crazy? Am I crazy for thinking they’re crazy? [Original.]

Friday 15:50 · @JoyceCarolOates Lots of pages of Ulysses drone with extreme boredom… but even those are more fun than most Woolf. [Original, responding to @JoyceCarolOates.]

Friday 19:02 · Just switched from Android Reader client to feed.ly. Effortless. Very slick on N7. [Original.]

Friday 20:31 · @esinclai Nothing particular, feedly just happened to be what I tried. Haven’t developed any loyalties so far. [Original, responding to @esinclai.]

Friday 20:32 · @pkedrosky Like this? www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/03/04/Record-Player Oddly, vinyl is currently booming among millennial hipsters. [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Saturday 10:17 · At #polyglotconf Unconference in Vancouver: [Original.]

Saturday 15:54 · Just a few CSS tools/frameworks: smacss, csscomb, bourbon.io, stylus, less, sass. That’s not all. Wow. [Original.]

Saturday 16:01 · @vruz Well, one that’s not easy to use, at least. [Original, responding to @vruz.]

Saturday 16:08 · @meyerweb Hm, Java shows its age and has choices I wouldn’t have made; But it’s coherent, easy to think about. [Original, responding to @meyerweb.]

Saturday 16:14 · Has Feedly said anything about their back-end plans, post-Reader? Lovely Android client, btw. [Original.]

Saturday 16:27 · @edwk How do you make money? I want to start paying someone for tracking & syncing. [Original, responding to @edwk.]

Saturday 16:31 · @vruz @meyerweb Yeah, Java was lean & mean when it shipped, hit a few big 80/20 points. Bloat is a symptom of success. cf Gall's law. [Original, responding to @vruz.]

Saturday 17:28 · @EdwinCrump BS. The underlying data is wide-open, unencumbered. Providing a paid-for service based on open data is ethical and smart. [Original, responding to @EdwinCrump.]

Saturday 17:29 · @edwk I’d really like it if you charged for the basic service. [Original, responding to @edwk.]

Saturday 17:48 · @adymitruk Sorry, doing family stuff, that’s my priority on weekends [Original, responding to @adymitruk.]

Saturday 18:35 · @dierken 18K is really very good [Original, responding to @dierken.]

Saturday 18:37 · RT @bleikamp: The easiest way to vertically center something in CSS is to close your laptop and go to the bar. [Original.]

Saturday 20:58 · @laurenbeukes You can sign up for Uber in no time at all, and they’re very good. They’ll get you there fast & charge your credit card. [Original, responding to @laurenbeukes.]

Saturday 21:04 · Helpful Rob Ford aggregation: [Original.]

Saturday 23:18 · @colbycosh The French lyrics make me wanna puke. “Car ton bras sait porter l'épée, Il sait porter la croix.” [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Saturday 23:19 · @colbycosh “I'm An Adult Now”… yeah, but for not that many of us. Wonderful song. [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Saturday 23:20 · @colbycosh The Hundredth Meridian would be kind of canonical, too. [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Saturday 23:28 · As a result of being at #polyglotconf today in Vancouver, I wish I could go to CSSCOnf :( Lots of mind-bombs going off in that space. [Original.]

Saturday 23:30 · @AllysonMcGrane Shane too? [Original, responding to @AllysonMcGrane.]

Saturday 23:31 · @colbycosh Also maybe Wreck of the E.F. But you started with Barrett’s Privateers, and I suspect that’s THE ONE. [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Sunday 14:26 · Alien invasion starts at girls’ school in Folkestone, Kent: www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/10081264/Large-badger-causes-hysteria-at-girls-school.html [Original.]

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