I used to run lots of flower pix; it was almost a trademark for this blog in its early days. Their absence hasn’t been a matter of policy; whatever mental subsystem it is that pulls the camera up to the eye operates several levels below the one where I think about things. But the sun was just right after supper tonight.

From top to bottom: Poppies, the Rugosa that’s winning this year’s Rose Race, and a Lonicera ciliosa Honeysuckle. Nothing I can say can add much.

Welsh poppies and their shadows
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Pink Rugosa rose blossom
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Lonicera Ciliosa

While on the subject of flowers: This spring in my neighborhood, many of the women are wearing simple dresses in floral prints, mostly lightweight stuff with a bit of swing and float to it. There are no words for how good they look; any more than with these blossoms.

Still enjoying my time with the Fujifilm X-E1 and (especially) the 35mm F1.4.

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May 08, 2013
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