In which northern-hemisphere photographers are tempted to shoot autumn leaves, autumn leaves, and more autumn leaves. I’m jaded but couldn’t resist these.

Wet fallen autumn leaves

In Vancouver, we don’t rake leaves, we shovel them.


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From: ebenezer (Nov 03 2012, at 13:05)

It is a beautiful picture.

Also here in Missouri, we do not shovel leaves, but neither do we shovel snow, most of the winter. I understand that Vancouverians have before gotten more snow at a time than they like, but once it starts showing up for you this year, do please get us some photos.


From: James Cunningham (Nov 13 2012, at 11:38)

Cliché? Maybe, but I love it nevertheless — background on my phone and my notebook. I need to take more pictures and, perhaps, I'll become good enough to make my own backgrounds. ;)


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