Gmail is really good at spam these days. It’s been forever since I’ve seen any pharmaceuticals or watches or penny stocks; the very occasional 419 and virtuous-girl-looking-for-friends leaks through. However, there is a steady flow, one or two per day, of intensely-miscellaneous pitches for products or services that look perfectly reasonable and mainstream — except for being spam-promoted. They’re actually sort of, uh, interesting. Here are a few days’ worth, in the order I received them; the geographic distribution is remarkable.

  • Cheery Spanish condom store.

  • Italian commercial truck rentals. Bright-colored trucks at low daily rates!

  • Mexican e-billing systems. Boring presentation, probably appropriate.

  • Swedish anti-explosive gas-tank treatment, for motor racers.

  • A Vietnamese “Balanced Scorecard” software product.

  • A Turkish pitch for the trade-show stand of a clothing maker (“since 1963”) picturing a truly beautiful dress.

  • A German maker of office-productivity software for Android; they have a 30%-off sale.

  • An author pitching his new novel, in English, on sale at a “.nl” (Netherlands) site.

  • Betting tip sheets for the Breeders’ Cup horse races; $15/day or only $25 for both days.

  • Remember, its FREE to advertise your Firearms and accessories at The Gun Market.

  • Professional QuickBooks Training in Kabul and Mazar e Sharif. Includes software and installation.

I still think spam is a bad thing. But I’d be lying if I said these aren’t sort of amusing, and they’re few enough not to be an obstacle. Surely it’s not possible that the Gmail wizards have modified the anti-spam robot army to exercise an eclectic-amusement reverse filter?


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From: dr2chase (Nov 04 2012, at 20:05)

Brazilian spam for cattle IUDs. Link to product included as proof I'm not making this up:


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