We’re heading out after dinner to pick up gelati. Vancouver’s been blessed with loads of surprising September warmth, but sunset’s now soon after seven.

Young cyclist in the sunset

It’s like this: She’s big and strong enough to take the training wheels off, but she doesn’t think she can, so she probably can’t. We tried once and failed; but on the way back from this ice-cream trip, she said she thought she’d be able to next time, so I’m sure she will.


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From: Tom Welsh (Sep 19 2012, at 01:19)

Tim, I warn you there will come a time when you lie awake sweating with fear at the thought that you might, inadvertently, hear yourself utter either the word "big" or the word "strong" in connection with your daughter. I know I do as far as mine are concerned. "Tall" is acceptable, while words such as "willowy", "charming", and "slender" are not altogether unacceptable. Anything connoting bulk or power tends to be met with a glance that would set fire to a field of ripe corn.


From: David Magda (Sep 19 2012, at 04:30)

If you're going to take the training wheels off, also try taking the pedals off for a little while as well:



From: Elia Freedman (Sep 19 2012, at 07:30)

I don't know if you have younger kids and it is probably too late for this child, but check out the Skoot. It is basically a bike without pedals. Let's the child learn to steer and learn balance before having to pedal. No training wheels. When they move to a bike with pedals then they aren't focused on balance and pedaling, just pedaling. My older daughter was riding a pedal bike in just a couple of tries. My younger one will be next summer. (No affiliation, except it has worked for us.)

Enjoy the late summer weather! We are getting the same here in Portland!


From: Masoud (Sep 19 2012, at 08:18)

Hi Tim,

here in Germany we dot use training wheels! We have "laufrad" www.laufrad.org.

The kids learn faster and more secure bicycling...




From: Johnny Gill (Sep 20 2012, at 09:44)

If you are lucky, the training wheels might be adjustable so you can raise them an inch or two. That way much of the time they are not actually in contact with the ground, but they do provide support and some confidence to the rider.

You will be able to see that your child will be able to ride ok without them, before you actually take them offe


From: Saso Gjorevski (Sep 24 2012, at 13:08)

We have also training wheels in Macedonia too and we have some nice warm September's days just like yours when is nice to go out for a walk with children.

Nice picture.


From: Tony Fisk (Oct 04 2012, at 21:06)

Speaking fro personal experience, go find a nice flat grassy park.

She'll fly.

(Also spurred on by every rut she ends up in with her trainers jacking her driving wheel up on either side!)


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