Since we became boat people, the tenor of Cottage Life has changed; we go and return when we get around to it, but each traverse is something of An Event.

This last weekend, the still-strong late-summer evening sun flooded into the mighty Bodoni, sundazzle dances beautiful on the water but kind of hard to scan through for floating logs and other marine hazards. The interior’s attractively retro, don’t you think?

Pleasure boat interior; sunshine

Coming home, visiting friends tarried with our encouragement; we ended up leaving the island late. The sky was low and dark, the waves high and dark. I’m proud to report that our somewhat-antique craft muscled through ’em with no real discomfort at a steady 20kt. There were a few gaps in the clouds, and the view west became a little spooky.

Dirty weather in Howe sound

The boat trade-off is pretty well the same as with owning a car: you go when you like where you like, but you pay more for the privilege, in money and maintenance.

Both these, by the way, with the little Canon S100, which continues to delight. I still love my big Pentax SLR, but a camera that fits in your pocket, that you can grab one-handed and shoot out the side of a boat you’re driving while it’s working its way through big nasty waves, well there’s a lot to be said for that. I’m starting to hear the siren song of the Sony RX100; but maybe, on the evidence, that’s silly.


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From: CJ (Aug 27 2012, at 08:08)

Much of wave sparkle is polarized. Polarized sunglasses make a big difference.


From: Dave Walker (Aug 28 2012, at 11:55)

In my experience, boat interiors attract varnished, polished wood in the same way that car interiors attract leather :-).

From the photo, Bodoni's interior doesn't look particularly retro; the marine environment is a remarkably harsh one and advances in the materials which survive it well don't happen very often, and when it comes to small / medium cabin cruisers, there's only a small number of ways to do an interior layout "right".

More photos of Bodoni would be welcome, if you happen to take them.


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