You can read the back story in a 2010 Cottage Life piece. And yes, I’ve been working on this thing for two years. This weekend we sat round it to eat, finally.

Outdoor table hand-built of Howe Sound cedar

The supporting structure came out interesting.

Outdoor table hand-built of Howe Sound cedar

I put ten coats of varnish on the top; it’s going to spend some time out in the rain.

Outdoor table hand-built of Howe Sound cedar

I think it looks nice, and it’s friendly and welcoming to sit at. My only real regret is having made it only six feet long; more would be better.

There were some errors, but the effects are cosmetic not structural; it’s solid as a rock. To see them, you have to get down on the deck and peer up at where the braces meet the supports. And if I catch you doing that I’ll kick you.


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From: Chris Little (Jul 30 2012, at 09:09)

10 coats of varnish .... Well, I suspect I now know why the finish on our deck doors isn't holding up.

Did you use marine grade varnish?

PS The table looks great. Be proud.


From: Tony Fisk (Jul 30 2012, at 16:24)

Ten coats of varnish.

... and all those exposed looking bolts!

Presumably galvanised!?


From: Tim (Jul 30 2012, at 23:06)

For those who care about finishing techniques: Yep, polyurethane spar varnish, semi-gloss. That sucker’s encased in plastic.

All the nuts & bolts & washers are either galvanized or stainless.


From: Emil (Jul 31 2012, at 04:37)

Nice! Just a note: the link to the plans in the original entry seems to have rotted and died. :/


From: Shane (Aug 26 2012, at 14:21)

This seems to be the latest URL for the plans?


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