The words you are now reading were typed in on my Nexus 7, and published to the blog without the use of a traditional “Personal Computer.” First time it’s happened, but maybe not the last.

How (for geeks) · ConnectBot to ssh to, Hacker’s Keyboard for a big 5 rows with Esc and arrows and so on, and terminal-mode Emacs on; I thought Vim might be lighter in weight, but the modality got in the way, and some of my handy keystrokes were still useful.

The biggest gripes are that it’s not actually running on the tab, I’m not getting Jellybean’s excellent word predictor, and I can’t touch the screen to navigate.

There’s no reason in principle this couldn’t be made to work properly. And for now, if I have to blog in a pinch sans computer, it’s entered the realm of the possible.


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From: Dinyar Rabady (Jul 27 2012, at 04:48)

If you like ConnectBot you might want to try its fork VX ConnectBot seeing as ConnectBot itself isn't being maintained anymore. The main advantage for me is public key authentication support.


From: Nick (Jul 27 2012, at 11:35)

Wondered why there was a blank entry in the RSS feed


From: David Magda (Jul 27 2012, at 16:39)

For the Hacker’s Keyboard, I love how there's a "ctrl" key next to the "a" instead of a "caps lock". :)

When ordering workstations from Sun back in the day, one used to be able to specify a "PC" layout or a "Unix" layout, with the latter having the "ctrl" by "a".


From: Nilesh Kapadia (Jul 29 2012, at 09:40)

I am trying to find an SSH app that works with a Bluetooth keyboard and supports alt (aka "option") as meta. I'm currently using a Nexus 7 with an Apple Bluetooth keyboard (with an Origami keyboard case which is great because it unfolds into a stand for the tablet). I can't get Ctrl or Alt/Option to work with ConnectBot (and I've tried 3 different builds of it). Better Terminal Emulator Pro supports Ctrl but not Alt/Option. I'm beginning to think that Alt/Option isn't going to work with any Android app; maybe Android lacks support for this? Maybe if I root I can get this to work? This is also a problem in iOS, by the way.

As an Emacs user I really wish I could get this to work, because I would have a fairly complete development environment (that I'm comfortable using) at my finger tips with just a Nexus 7 + Bluetooth keyboard and an internet connection.

I just installed Hacker Keyboard and will be trying this out...


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