We were recently on the Great Plains and I love ’em, but a few days there and I miss the mountains. Some prairiefolk can’t settle down here on the coast, they feel shut-in because you don’t have the big sky and long view. Cottage life is about earthstone fences in front of the horizon, and I’m OK with that. And still, our skies feel big sometimes.

Howe Sound clouds and mountains

That buoy is ours I guess, been there since we bought the place. Never been tended to, gonna just sink if ignored long enough. Hmf.

Right, let’s get back to mountains and so on. You can spend as much time as you like staring across Howe Sound and it never gets old, I find. Ask me again in another twenty years.

Looking across Howe Sound at the Langdale ferry terminal


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From: Lars Marius Garshol (Jul 22 2012, at 12:52)

I read this while tagging my own photos from western Norway, and I have to say that view looks exactly like the northern part of western Norway.


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