Well, not really. But my LifeSaver 2 app has now uploaded over a million calls and messages for a temporary stay in the cloud and (in theory) transfer to other devices. This is not as impressive as it sounds since the number of unique users is still just a few hundred; but it pleases me nonetheless. I observe that the number of downloads is quite a bit smaller; it seems that people upload, and then it takes them longer than they thought to get their new device brought up and LifeSaver installed; long enough for the cloud scrubber to have erased their upload, so they have to do it again.

All this is costing me three or four bucks a week in App Engine charges.

There is a faction of users who really want a persistent off-device store for their life’s history. So far I’m not smart enough to figure out a good way to do that doesn’t get in the way of the vast majority of users who just want to push a button and have it happen auto-magically.


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From: John Cowan (Apr 28 2012, at 18:46)

How about a button that says "Append this data to your Google Docs spreadsheet 'Lifetime LifeSaver Log'"? Users would have to filter dupes, but they'd have the whole megillah.

I'm adding this string in hopes that I can actually contribute this time.


From: Mandar (Apr 30 2012, at 07:33)

I had this problem when I was playing around with custom ROMs. What I tried was to go to the website link that was provided and try to download a tar/zip to my computer. Or have it emailed to an address of my choice.

Either option (as an add-on) would do the job for me.


From: Simon Phipps (May 01 2012, at 02:42)

I would use this app about 5 times a decade. Any theories about why these 100 people are using it so much more than that/


From: Tim (May 01 2012, at 15:08)

It’s fairly obvious; a typical Android device seems to max its call/message logs out at 1,000. Apparently lots of people hit the max. So a few hundred people, each with a thousand or two calls/messages, and with some of them uploading more than once; there you go.


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