I glanced at my newsreader yesterday and gave up almost instantly because it was full of irrelevant fluff from CES. Particularly irritating was a post over at The Verge announcing breathlessly that a vendor not worth mentioning here was... wait for it... planning to release a tablet in 2012! I twitterbitched: Dear Verge: “X plans to launch a tablet in 2012” is not a news story for ANY value of X. Which was clearly wrong; many people tweeted back values of X for which it would be newsworthy: Cracker Barrel, Macdonalds, NASA, Vladimir Putin, a lost Amazonian tribe, the US Government, Pfizer, and God via Moses. Any others?


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From: Greg Pfister (Jan 11 2012, at 11:50)

Um, Verge?


From: Daniel (Jan 11 2012, at 12:13)

NASA already launched a tablet, in October 2011 from Baikonur. More will follow in 2012. So why again is this news?




From: Nathan (Jan 11 2012, at 12:28)

An infinite number of monkeys?

(Tablet comes preloaded with the complete works of Shakespeare)


From: Paul Hoffman (Jan 11 2012, at 12:55)

A major medical device manufacturer.


From: Dave (Jan 11 2012, at 18:48)



From: Dave Walker (Jan 12 2012, at 06:18)

I'll second Mr Hoffman, and add - for want of a better name - CESG.

The particular piece of tablet news I'd love to hear, is that The Powers That Be have approved one for use at IL3 and has an assured software load including a VPN approved for 3G as well as 802.11.

OK, so there was a piece of news a couple of months ago to the effect that Barron McCann now have IL3 approval for local storage encryption in a Windows tablet, but for various reasons, I don't think that's necessarily the right place to start...


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