Week ending Sunday 2011/12/11

Monday 06:48 · Information DOES want to be free, but that’s OK: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/12/04/Information-wants-to-be-free [Original.]

Monday 08:04 · Guy in airport here on a long deep phonecall on the difference between sprats, anchovies, and sardines. Consciousness raised. [Original.]

Wednesday 16:11 · If I owe you an email or an action or something, sorry; have had a low-grade semi-flu for 2 weeks now, can’t seem to shake it. [Original.]

Wednesday 16:43 · Which side of the plane is best to ride on? www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/12/07/Which-side-of-the-plane [Original.]

Wednesday 17:46 · @skrenta Do it yerself with hipmunk etc. [Original, responding to @skrenta.]

Wednesday 17:52 · How to get into the 1%: nihoncassandra.blogspot.com/2011/12/false-labeling.html [Original.]

Wednesday 23:03 · @mmayo sympathy, and weirdly glad not to be entirely alone [Original, responding to @mmayo.]

Thursday 11:31 · A billion apps a month, I wonder why: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/12/07/Billions-of-apps [Original.]

Thursday 11:57 · Massive global carpetbombing of GNexus ads from Samsung. Gonna be interesting to see how it plays out. [Original.]

Thursday 13:57 · @infil00p Bell really eviler than the others? I’d always seen ’em as much of a muchness. [Original, responding to @infil00p.]

Thursday 19:34 · Reaction <on Twitter of course> to new Android Twitter client is on balance positive. [Original.]

Thursday 19:35 · But I’m sticking with Twicca for now. [Original.]

Thursday 19:38 · @rob_pike I think you need to have breasts for them to be absolutely sure. [Original, responding to @rob_pike.]

Friday 13:57 · @milouness Why not be multi-modal on one account? More interesting, less work for us. [Original, responding to @milouness.]

Friday 15:58 · My Mac rarely crashes, but when it does, usually Lightroom is active. [Original.]

Saturday 12:44 · @GreatDismal Please push back on Bigend and don’t let him make a comeback. [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Saturday 21:06 · Man, I really hope this Digitude story is false. [Original.]

Sunday 14:35 · WebSockets now officially blessed: www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/ietf-announce/current/msg09663.html [Original.]

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