Week ending Sunday 2011/08/21

Monday 17:07 · Android Island Internet win: goo.gl/lai5x [Original.]

Monday 21:16 · @judsontwit month-to-month [Original, responding to @judsontwit.]

Tuesday 08:40 · People laugh, but I think it'd be great if the Ayn Rand fans all went away to live somewhere else: goo.gl/IXvSX [Original.]

Tuesday 20:26 · @danemorgridge No, because I don't look at each new follower, but I do report 100% of spam mentions. [Original, responding to @danemorgridge.]

Wednesday 21:37 · Thoughts and pictures from Mexico’s Museo Nacional de Antropología: goo.gl/eWm2v [Original.]

Thursday 23:36 · Sitting up listening to imperfect but lovely old vinyl. Currently "Rides Again" by James Gang [Original.]

Thursday 23:46 · "Ashes, the Rain, and I" [Original.]

Friday 15:56 · That feeling when some code just won't gel; after a few days you erase it with a smile, you've learned what you *should* have been doing. [Original.]

Friday 16:54 · Apple deprecates UDID, I see. Been there, done that: goo.gl/0TD8e [Original.]

Friday 22:25 · Wow. Boston Globe photog captures all 3 outs in a triple play: goo.gl/Z2Op6 I'm awed. [Original.]

Friday 22:26 · @danielpunkass Don't count 'em out, man. WP7 is a nice piece of work. [Original, responding to @danielpunkass.]

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August 21, 2011
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