For Net access from our cottage on Keats Island, we checked alternatives and ended up getting a Internet stick from Telus Mobility, plugging it into my old BlackBook, and having that broadcast WiFi. It worked, but not brilliantly, with big latency and regular outages.

This week I had a bright idea, pulled the SIM out of the dinky little USB goober, dropped it into my original 7" Galaxy Tab, and had that create a mobile network. Wow!

The Tab gets not only a more robust signal (probably because it’s bigger and has more room for an antenna), but also Telus’ HSPA. says: 47ms ping, 2.32M down, 3.13M up. Skype, voice, gtalk video, no problem. This is now an Internet Cottage. Highly recommended.


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From: Mike P (Aug 16 2011, at 05:59)

We don't have cell coverage at our cottage in Ontario, but Nexicom just put a giant tower in for wireless access.

I'm debating whether I want to get it - it's nice to be able to get away from everything and unplug (we don't even have a TV there). However, it would be nice to spending a summer WFC (Working from cottage)


From: Mr Gorilla (Aug 20 2011, at 11:43)

I bought a Motorola Atrix and have a mobile hotspot for family and friends and of course have 4g broadband laptop for myself at anytime.

When heading out to the country for the weekend this phone is a must to bring and a pleasure using while out in the middle of no where.


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