Week ending Sunday 2011/07/03

Monday 11:14 · Looking for the Internet’s “Off” switch: www.readwriteweb.com/archives/top_10_youtube_videos_of_all_time.php [Original.]

Monday 11:40 · Just tracked a couple fedex packages. The retrieval time was *astonishingly* fast. Wondering how they do it. [Original.]

Monday 23:04 · @pamelafox Did the skills include throwing? [Original, responding to @pamelafox.]

Monday 23:05 · Lotta googlers up real real late tonight. [Original.]

Monday 23:56 · This evening edited Wikipedia on John Fowles, Lyme Regis, and Blue Velvet. It’s really an OK hobby. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:50 · Pardon my premature tweet earlier; here it is: googleblog.blogspot.com/ and https://plus.google.com/ [Original.]

Tuesday 12:15 · Took a train, waiting for a plane to a plane to a plane to Porto Alegre. #fisl [Original.]

Tuesday 12:16 · @AdrienneTanner Yeah, and if you don't agree we'll torch your car [Original, responding to @AdrienneTanner.]

Tuesday 12:19 · @DoloChrys What's wrong with that? [Original, responding to @DoloChrys.]

Tuesday 12:24 · @MrElioPez Vancouver=>Toronto=>São Paulo=>Porto Alegre :( [Original, responding to @MrElioPez.]

Tuesday 12:39 · The Data Liberation Front Delivers Google Takeout: dataliberation.blogspot.com/2011/06/data-liberation-front-delivers-google.html [Original.]

Tuesday 19:20 · Audéo www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/06/28/Audeo [Original.]

Tuesday 20:14 · @faberfedor Can't remember, but I managed to buy one :) [Original, responding to @faberfedor.]

Wednesday 04:10 · Unscheduled medical emergency landing in Manaus, 3 degrees south latitude in Amazonia [Original.]

Wednesday 05:01 · Emergency wasn't me. Off to São Paulo. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:20 · <snicker> klout.com has a Fail Snail. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:22 · @migueldeicaza Well, if Dave doesn’t like it, that means it’s toast for sure. [Original, responding to @migueldeicaza.]

Thursday 15:07 · @siracusa Where you headed? I’m looking for a new client [Original, responding to @siracusa.]

Thursday 15:08 · @DonMacAskill I recommend turning off "XXX added you to a circle" notifications [Original, responding to @DonMacAskill.]

Thursday 15:31 · I'm still using the old Tweetie as Mac client. Time to upgrade. Must-haves: real names; only notify on mention/DM; saved searches. [Original.]

Friday 06:05 · Unfollowed @pmharper because it’s fatuous waste of feed space; realized it’s Canada Day. Just a coincidence, I’m sure. [Original.]

Friday 09:33 · G+ Hangouts are turning into a big deal it seems. Anecdotal, but I keep hearing about impromptu departmental/family meetings. [Original.]

Friday 09:54 · Just hung out with my family. Porto Alegre<=>Vancouver; Just Worked. I guess we're all waiting to see how this scales. [Original.]

Saturday 04:27 · @rafaelpetry www.tbray.org/google/fisl2011 [Original, responding to @rafaelpetry.]

Saturday 05:17 · Clearly I should have an opinion about “Web Intents”: paul.kinlan.me/web-intents-a-fresh-look Working on it. [Original.]

Saturday 14:30 · @pelegri The initial surge never reached 10% of employees I don't think, and it settled down below 5%. [Original, responding to @pelegri.]

Saturday 14:43 · The weather in Porto Alegre, Brazil is hideous. [Original.]

Saturday 20:21 · Pictures from an less-visited corner of Brazil: [Original.]

Sunday 19:10 · @jesse_stein Still using rsync. Will have a glance at Unisom [Original, responding to @jesse_stein.]

Sunday 19:41 · @jsnell I thought 100K Kingdoms was pretty lame. [Original, responding to @jsnell.]

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