Just a dead tree by the ocean.

Driftwood on a Vancouver beach
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Driftwood on a Vancouver beach
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Driftwood on a Vancouver beach

It’s a well-known dead tree, big enough to show up at the center of this satellite photo. I have heard that it washed up during the Seventies. Friends took me down here, I think, on my first adult visit to Vancouver; it has decayed visibly but gracefully since then. I usually try to take first-time visitors here.


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From: Anne (Jun 08 2011, at 23:01)

Great presentation of these beautiful patterns on driftwood. These pieces make our beaches unique and more alive than the groomed beaches of resorts.


From: dare (Jun 09 2011, at 09:31)



From: John Kapotten (Jun 11 2011, at 10:45)

That is beautiful. It looks like it is a painting. If you keep looking, each time you see something different although it is a static image. Really beautiful.


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