Eighty-three, to be precise, most containing superb music.

What happened was, last year I ripped a thousand or so CDs. Shortly thereafter, I rediscovered the pleasures of vinyl. So I went through my whole LP collection end to end, with the objective of classifying them into three buckets:

  1. Records to throw out because they’re horribly scratched.

  2. Records which are duplicated in digital form or I just don’t like.

  3. Records to cherish and keep.

I did keep a few duplicates just because I cherish the music so much or the album art is great. But now I want to dispose of the 83 records in bucket #2.

It’s Been Fun · Going through the stack listening to them, I mean; I left a few cookie crumbs along the trail. I really don’t have any urge to digitize these, I enjoy playing the records too much. Perhaps I’ll be moved to do a few more 5★♫ pieces.

Quality · Few of the surfaces are perfect, but most are very good, having been played exclusively on high-end turntables. On the other hand, I’ve been sloppy and neglected to wrap the albums in plastic, so a lot of the covers look beat-up.

How To Sell? · I’m not sure. I could list ’em on Craigslist or eBay I suppose, but then I’d have to take care of potentially as many as 83 separate negotiations and shipping tasks.

I could lug them all over to a local old-vinyl retailer, but it’d be nice to avoid that too.

So I’m posting the list here, in the hopes that someone will read this and offer me a lavish sum for the whole stack; the ideal outcome would be if this were someone in Vancouver who’d drop by and take them away. If nobody does, I guess I’m off to one of the local vinyl emporia, which include Neptoon Records and Red Cat Records.

Here’s the list. If you’re interested, email me.

Allman BrothersLive at Fillmore East
Anderson, LaurieMr. Heartbreak
Anderson, LaurieUnited States Live5 LPs
Arab Folk MusicArab World, its Music and PeopleChristobel Weerasinghe
Bach, J.S.“Masterpiece”, greatest hits
Bach, J.S.Cello SuitesYo-Yo Ma
Bach, J.S.Goldberg Variations, 14 CanonsYuji Takahashi, piano and synth
Bach, J.S.Goldberg VariationsGlen Gould (1955)
Bach, J.S.Violin ConcertosSzering/Marriner/ASMF
Baez, JoanJoan Baez
Beck, JeffBlow By Blow
Beck, JeffWired
Beefheart, CaptainTrout Mask Replica
Beethoven9 SymphoniesKarajan/BPO, 1977
BeethovenEmperor ConcertoArrau/Haitink/Concertgebouw
Bragg, BillyTalking With The Taxman About Poetry
BrahmsHandel Variations, Four BalladsClaudio Arrau
Bush, KateHounds of Love
Cale, JohnSabotage/Live
ChieftainsThe Chieftans 7
Chopin18 WaltzesAldo Ciccolini
ClashGive Em Enough Rope
ColtraneLive at the Village Vanguard Again!
Corea, Chick, and Return to ForeverLight as a Feather
Davis, MilesKind of Blue
Deep PurpleMade in Japan
DiMeola, AlElegant Gypsy
Dire StraitsCommuniqué
Dire StraitsDire Straits
Dire StraitsTwisting By The Pool (EP)
GenesisSelling England by the Pound
Grant, EddyWalking on Sunshine
Hendrix, JimiBand of Gypsys
Hicks, Dan, and his Hot LicksWhere’s The Money?
Jefferson AirplaneSurrealistic Pillow
Jefferson StarshipRed Octopus
John, EltonGreatest Hits
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin 1
Led ZeppelinPhysical Graffiti
LisztHungarian RhapsodiesRoberto Szidon
London, JulieEasy Does It
Marley, BobBob Marley and the Wailers Live!
Martyn, JohnSapphire
McKenna Mendelson MainlineStink
Metheny, Pat, and Lyle MaysAs Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls2 copies
Metheny, PatAmerican Garage
Metheny, PatPat Metheny Group
Mingus, CharlesMingus at Antibes
Mitchell, JoniCourt and Spark
Moustaki, GeorgeMoustaki
New BarbariansBreathe on Me
Parsons, Gram, and the Flying Burrito BrothersSleepless Nights
Pink FloydAnimals
Pink FloydDark Side of the Moon(2 copies)
Pink FloydWish You Were Here
Plant, RobertThe Principle of Moments
Presley, ElvisThe Sun Sessions
PretendersLearning To Crawl
QueenA Night At The Opera
Redbone, LeonOn The Track
Reed, LouRock n Roll Animal(2 copies)
Reich, SteveSextet, Six Marimbas
Renbourn, JohnThe Lady and the Unicorn
Russian folk musicMoscow Radio Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra
Sakamoto, RyuichiIllustrated Musical Encyclopedia
Schreiner, AlexanderGreat Organ of the Mormon Tabernacle
Sex PistolsNever Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols
ShriekbackOil and Gold
StingNothing Like the Sun
Taj Mahal and the International Rhythm BandLive and Direct
Talking HeadsFear of Music
TchaikowskyNutcracker SuiteOrmandy/Philadelphia (78RPM!)
Tosh, PeterEqual Rights
TrafficJohn Barleycorn Must Die
TrafficLow Spark of High-heeled Boys
Ween 12 Golden Country Greats
WhoLive at Leeds
Wonder, StevieThe Secret Life of Plants
Yamashta, StomuGo Live From Paris
Young, NeilDecade
Young, NeilZuma


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From: Eric H (Nov 21 2010, at 18:54)

You're selling "Live at the Fillmore East"? Shame on you.

Seriously: for "Live at Leeds" (and perhaps others), you should specify which edition you've got. There are some very rare originals, and some presumably-more-common reissues, which contain a ton of goodies like posters and various amusing scraps (a tour schedule, set lists, bills from Keith having trashed a hotel room, etc). Those are worth considerately more than the run-of-the-mill MCA disc from the late '70s.


From: Ric (Nov 21 2010, at 19:26)

Heaven forbid we ever find ourselves in the same place over a few beers! I would be interested, but there's too much overlap (both vinyl and digital), plus the logistics of getting the vinyl to Australia could be prohibitive ...


From: Scott (Nov 21 2010, at 22:13)

You really shoal hang on to that Ween record. It'll be worth something some day ;)


From: JoostM (Nov 21 2010, at 23:04)

discogs.com has a marketplace for selling records. If you offer discounts for larger orders you have a good chance of losing them in less than 80 transactions.


From: David Glidden (Nov 27 2010, at 16:37)

You have some beautiful things in thus list. The '55 Goldbergs are outstanding. On vinyl they must be even more so.


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